Misha is ONLY 23K followers away from having TWO MILLION followers!

Misha fans started #GetMishaToTwoMillion campaign about a month ago, when we had a very successful twitter trending event, Misha saw and tweeted our tag and even zap2it posted an article to praise our campaign.

Now Misha is VERY CLOSE to two million, we need just ONE MORE COLLECTIVE PUSH to get Misha there! After all the things that he has done for us, Misha certainly deserves to have two million followers ALREADY! It really shouldn't take so long for us Misha fans to make this happen, don’t you think? 

Please help:

1. Make sure you’re following @MishaCollins on twitter.

2. Ask your family, friends, fellow fans, twitter followers and whomever you know to follow Misha on twitter. (We all know they won’t regret it.)

3. Spread the word on tumblr & twitter and tag your tweets/posts with #GetMishaToTwoMillion. (so we can find each other and retweet/reblog others’ posts).

As you know haters started hating on Misha and his fans long time ago, but they can never change the fact that Misha has made us do lots of amazing things that have changed our lives and others’. This tweet from 2010, is just an example that shows why we are so proud of misha and why he is so proud of us despite haters’ endless stupid hate… (in this case for raising $30,000 in just a few hours, to help UNICEF’s aid efforts in Haiti). 

Misha joined twitter to be with us, and since then he’s always been there for us, trying to listen to us when we needed someone to hear, and make us feel better, even when he really didn't have to. 

Now it’s our turn to give him what he deserves! Let’s all do our best and get Misha to TWO million minions this week! 

We’re waiting for you all on twitter.

Please reblog and spread the word!

x | x | x

Hey y’all

it’s update time (sings in a weird voice)

So everyone that has sent in a message for Misha, y’all are fantastic, thank-you so much, they are all in the book and it’s coming along great! I’m accepting messages letters and pictures till August 1st, which is a month before VanCon

Sorry I’m so excited to give this book to Misha, there’s been a lot of people who’ve put a lot of hard work into it -Co-owner Cas (excuse the Jeremy Renner gifs, he’s a cutie pie)

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  • misha:whats the difference between and oc
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  • misha:west whats the difference between an octop
  • misha:whats the difference be
  • misha:maison whats the difference between an octopus and an eulopus
  • maison:google it