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This is kinda random, but I think it's kind of absurd when people accuse Misha of queer baiting. He isn't a writer, he isn't the one in the position of dropping canon Destiel hints and then with holding any development.

Man, I will not have ANY of that shit. Misha is most likely either bi or pan himself, he’s the one who talks about homophobia or corrects heteronormativity or advocates queerness, and he’s just an employee at the CW. He has no power over what scripts he’s given, he just tries to play Cas the way he feels is true to the character. If Misha were in charge everyone on Supernatural would be queer.

I desperately need to see the boys. Especially Misha and Jared. I have to see them. I know it might sound selfish but I think it’s the only way I can keep fighting through this. DCcon is coming up… I’m so close yet so far away. I can’t afford meeting them because of my medical bills.. And I’ll never get the chance, that’s a fact. That’s what hurts the most. I’ll never get the opportunity to meet my heros, the ones I survive for. They’ll never know my story. They’ll never know my name. You have no idea how much it hurts. It’s a pain that won’t go away. I need this so bad. My life depends on this. I can’t suffer another moment of this crap without them. I can’t.

So I had a Misha coffee lounge earlier

And he was really late due to things overrunning the schedule. “You’re missing both Jensen and Jared’s panels for me. How can I make it up to you guys?” He said. “We could crash Jared’s panel!” Someone said. And that, my friends, is how I ended up being part of a conga line with Misha Collins, dancing to ‘Shake It Off’ and crashing the panels of both Jensen and Jared. Misha also got Gen to join the line and all that could be heard was “MISHA STOLE MY WIFE!”