It is so much easier to REBLOG than to save a picture(s) and then post it again. It seems that stealing popular posts is the way to get followers but it’s not. It makes those popular blogs you stole them from, angry and many have THOUSANDS of followers whom they can convince not to follow you or reblog the edit, gif, graphic etc. that you reposted.

As someone who makes edits and gifs, I know how time consuming these things are—making and or finding the right coloring, moving it onto a nice background, making your own textures, finding the right textures, etc—and to take credit for the original posters hardwork is STEALING.

You won’t get popular, it will only make people hate you to put it bluntly. Especially if you do it CONSTANTLY which I’ve seen many people do. 

Simply putting the original poster’s URL as the caption or something is still stealing and still reposting. If you are looking to do that, JUST REBLOG THE ORIGINAL POST!

To those of you who have seen someone’s graphics get reposted, please notify the orginal poster about it.

If you find that your own graphics have been reposted email support@tumblr.com and in the subject line put “HARASSMENT” and use the word harassment within the e-mail. In the e-mail, make sure you state the link to the repost and the link to the original. Tumblr will then send you an e-mail saying they got your e-mail and then later on, you will most likely see an e-mail saying they removed the reposted graphic.


Since I’ve been obsessing over Luke Evans I had to watch Tamara Drewe. I didn’t know what to expect but this movie was great! The actors are all great, the characters are fun and feel real and the movie is fun to watch. The story takes place in a English country village and it’s just beautiful. This has been a recommendation ;)