The male/female game is the game of opposites: the male instinct is to compete (maximizing fitness) while the female instinct is to conspire (raising the cost of sex, enforcing monogamy). Applying this simple yet powerful and most important of all, accurate model, the male instinct is to be racist (because it is males who fight to protect territory and to retain the racial integrity of the tribe), so therefore the female instinct is to be “anti-racist.” Similarly the female instinct on seeing a mixed race couple is to smile approvingly while the true, deep male instinct is homicidal.

In an environment where male influence is strong, females will conform to male expectations; but in a society where masculine influence is diminishing, race-mixing by females will become increasingly prevalent. This is plainly evident in areas where there is a high proportion of coloured immigrants. Those females who would not enter into this behaviour (and the majority would, given the opportunity and an environment that is amenable to it) are actually exhibiting a masculine characteristic.