Dzhokhar Tsarnaev deserves a fair trial for his alleged role in the Boston Marathon bombings of April 15, 2013, where three people were killed and over 260 others injured, some seriously with permanent disabilities.

However, this will not be possible if the trial is held in Boston. Federal Judge George O’Toole Jr., who rejected for the third time recently the defense motions to move the trial, is imperiling the opportunity for justice to be applied because impaneling a fair and impartial jury is near impossible at ground zero- Boston.

Here is where Tsarnaev and his older brother Tarmerlan, killed by police officers days later, are accused of committing crimes against humanity in retaliation against the United States for its role in prosecuting wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The proximity of those in the region who live here to the defining tragedy and the harrowing events that followed over a few days after leading to a murder of an MIT police officer, street shootouts, a lockdown and terrorization of an entire neighborhood in Watertown has been potentially seared in the minds of the persons being evaluated to adjudicate the case as jurors.

What makes the risk of a miscarriage of justice even more dramatic is that the same jury that will pass judgment on the degree of complicity, if it is realized, will be charged to apply the standard of punishment to include either death or life in prison.

This risk is lessened if a jury is impaneled in a region of the country that was not directly affected by the traumatic events. Otherwise, if the trial is held in Boston, an impartial evaluation of the evidence will be impossible by those who likely were galvanized alongside many others in a collective movement of solidarity and defiance against anarchy known as Boston Strong.

Judge O’Toole is subscribing to a tentative theory that eventually by culling 70 potential jurors and with interventions by both prosecutors and a defense attorneys, a fair and impartial body of 12 jurors and six alternates will be realized. This is flawed thinking because the likelihood of some of those jurors who will harbor resentment or be strongly moved by a bias of forgiveness after being indirect victims (or know victims) may not be sufficiently discovered in the impaneling process despite the rigors being promoted by the judge.

And in the end, the instability of the process can produce an unwanted result. It is possible that either the degree of guilt — if guilt is determined — may be excessive or insufficient and the subsequent sentencing if applicable may not be appropriately aligned. In the worst possible scenario, guilt to be determined by the case could be shuttered on a technicality of the jury being corrupted by a myriad of conditions.

In this case, justice can be realized but only if the entire affair is transported very far away from Boston.

Think about the fact that Darren Wilson murdered a black boy in the street….will NOT even be indicted let alone convicted of this crime..was given paid leave and will NOT lose his job…had a nice wedding to his fellow cop girlfriend…..and made about HALF A MILLION DOLLARS  from donations in the process. he was quite literally paid, in part by the government…to kill a black boy


(Washington Post) What happened in Ferguson, Mo., last month was a tragedy. What’s on course to happen there next month will be a farce.

October is when a grand jury is expected to decide whether to indict the white police officer, Darren Wilson, who killed an unarmed black teenager by firing at least six bullets into him. It’s a good bet the grand jurors won’t charge him, because all signs indicate that the St. Louis County prosecutor, Robert McCulloch, doesn’t want them to.

And today and tomorrow and the following days, black mothers will tell their sons, “stay safe,” with a sense of hopelessness. They will mean, “try not to encounter those who want to kill you.” They will mean, “you are loved and killable.” They will mean, “you are disposable.” They will mean: “I love you.”

Keguro Macharia at Gukira

Stay Safe


A prominent legal expert eviscerates the Darren Wilson prosecution, in 8 tweets

Following the grand jury decision in Ferguson, Missouri, prominent lawyer and MSNBC legal analyst Lisa Bloom argued on Twitter that St. Louis County prosecutors did a bad job questioning Ferguson Police officer Darren Wilson about the shooting of Michael Brown. She argued the questioning was basically a “tea party,” far from the “grueling session” it should have been.

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Incredible silent footage of the infamous Sacco & Vanzetti trial, when these two Italian immigrants were executed in an unfair trial for murder. The case made headlines around the world and saw protests worldwide.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (AP) The Jacksonville woman awaiting a new trial in a controversial “stand your ground” case is free on bond.

I am extremely thankful for this.

Happy Thanksgiving, Marissa Alexander…and God bless you.  You did what any normal person would do under extreme duress.  I hope you never see the inside of a jail again.

I want the name, the address, and the supposed credentials of the Alabama judge who handed my niece over to the tender loving care of a psychopath and added my brother to the list of America’s homeless veterans. Share this. I’ll add more when I figure out this shitwit’s identity. I want the world to know that justice has not been done this day.

In my brother’s words:

I would think that there are enough homeless veterans and at risk children in the world, but apparently Lee County Alabama disagrees. A judge ordered my brother, a career soldier and Iraq Veteran out of his home so that his wife, who he is divorcing because SHE THREATENED TO SHOOT THEIR INFANT DAUGHTER, could move back in after she moved out of her own accord. She already set up residence with other family, whereas my brother, across the country from his family, has no other home and as of today is living out of the back of his truck. He is currently paying the bills on a house he is not living in so a woman who is living off of disability for severe mental health issues can have custody of the child she threatened to murder.

Please pray for my niece. My brother is a tough soldier and will survive, as he has for 18 years defending our freedom. It’s his one year old daughter that needs help.

I keep hearing about this miscarriage of justice, well let me tell you about a real miscarriage of justice that has shaped my entire adult life.

Several years ago when I moved out of my house(I being  the sceond youngest but last to leave of 5) my father started to have the signs of “empty nest” syndrome, being that my mother died many years earlier in a terrible accident* that im not even going in to. When my brother started dating a girl with a young daughter then got deployed, my father brought her into his home free of any rents or food costs. He took care of her daughter more than she ever did, but with money bags in her eyes, she went to the police and told them my 72 year old father (going though severe medical complications**barely able to walk, failing kidnies, neuropathy of the feet, glacoma etc) Raped her daughter. 

In court there was no physical evidence, no dna, no proof of internal damage to the 3 year old, no consistency in testimony, logical fallacies galore, blatant lies, and improbable cause.

Long story short(after two years of court cases and legal tie ups) my father sits in jail for the rest of his foreseeable life because some cunt named Jessica wanted the money he spent his entire adult life amassing for his children. My family was torn apart. I was hospitalized for some time with severe depression and panic attacks, and after such a time, my desire to be a criminal psychologist multiplied ten fold. Now I look at every case with skepticism. I never just look at the popular consensus. 

Now that, is a miscarriage of justice. A man who was incapable of rape was convicted of rape with nothing except the testimony of a 3 and  a half year old and her mother because “there are never fake allegations when it comes to rape”

So fuck you with your miscarriage of justice and don’t fucking tell me the painted story of a 
"little boy walking down the street gunned down by a racist murderer" 

Don’t say that bullshit to me, because I will cut a bitch.

*I appologize for this long emotional (for me anyway) rant. Its the holidays This was my fathers favorite time of the year and it’s hard for me tonight. I’m probably not going to get any sleep, and now chris needs to watch me just in case, im going to go take a shower.*

Meredith Kercher

 I feel sorry for the family and friends of Meredith Kercher, yet again they have been let down by the Italian justice, the real criminal has got away free.

There is no real evidence against Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito , what they got up to in private has no bearing on this case, there was however plenty of evidence to sugest another person was involved. in that area there had been a spate of crimes, there was enough evidence to overturn the original guilty verdicts, nothing new has come to light about the case. Yes initially the couples behaviour did seem strange, but that doesnt make them guilty.

Amanda and Raffaele maybe guilty over plenty of other things, but they are both innocent of Merediths murder.