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Hi!!! I love this blog! Any fics where Remus or Sirius walks in on the other one wanking?

I know there are more, but here are some for now, and I’ll probably add more later.

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how would jimin, namjoon, jin, and hoseok react if their gf got into a car accident and ended up getting amnesia and totally forgot who they were? (also sorry if this was sent two times the first time i attempted to send it my internet went out like halfway through so im not sure if it went through or not.)

I listened to Amnesia by 5sos writing this, like, I just had to lol

Jimin : Do you remember Taehyung’s reaction when they were that scandal with the song “loser” ? How he acted, how sad he was ? That would be the exact reaction of Jimin, he will not hide it in front of cameras or anything, the girl he loves doesn’t remember him and it’s breaking him. He will not be the boy he was, he will not smile, not laugh anymore, and he will cry very often. Everytime he’ll go to see her, he’ll apologize, for not being there at that moment, during the accident, he’ll keep saying that it should have been him, not her. So yeah, he will cry a lot and do anything for getting her memory back.

RapMonster/Namjoon : Wouldn’t realize. He will not want to. He will think that everything is just a big and bad jokes. Idk, I can clearly see him, going to his gf like “Eh y/n-ah you can stop now, it’s not funny anymore!”  with a huge smile, but losing it as soon as he’ll see the incomprehension in her eyes. Finally get that everything is real, his girlfriend really don’t remember him. He will try to not change his behavior, but it will really affects him a lot. If she doesn’t remember him in a year or so. He will propose her, to start all over again. Being friends, and then more than friends. But he will still hope, during the first period where they are supposed to be friends, something will make her memory back.

Jin/Seokjin : Wouldn’t cry, at least not in front of her or in front of the others. If he cries, he will cry alone at night, like in movies. Thinking that everything is his fault, like he should have drove her back home or wherever she wanted to go, and everything would have been avoid, no accident, no amnesia. He will come to see her everyday, and will show every memories they had together, the gifts she gave him, the gifts he gave her, pictures and all.

J-Hope/Hoseok : Would be a total mess. Angry toward the guy who was involved in the accident and didn’t have anything, sad because the one he loves more than anything can remember him. He will cry a lot, begging her to remember, at least to try, he will do anything, showing her pictures of them, telling her all their good and bad times, hoping it will help her getting back her memory.

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How would the Hyung line react if they saw their crush crying because she didn't get accepted into her dream dance academy because she couldn't afford it and her parents didn't support her passion

Gifs cause I can’t really explain with words.

Jin/Seokjin“Who made cry my baby?! Do you want me to go and talk to your parents? *mad*”

RapMonster/Namjoon : “Don’t cry babe.. You know, I can pay for your school if you really want to go there *shy*”

Suga/Yoongi“Yah ! Why aren’t they supporting you ?! Can’t they see that you’re a dancing queen ?! You are even better than Hosoek and Jimin combine ! Hum.. Don’t tell ‘em I said that okay honey?”

J-Hope/Hoseok “Don’t cry Jagiya ! Look what I have here ! *shows a paper that said she’s admitted to that school, he secretly paid for her* Surpriiiiiiiiiise ! And don’t worry for your parents, I talked to them and convinced them because i’m an awesome boyfriend who wants his gf to be happy!!” *super happy and proud of him*

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Could I request for Akashi's crush (fem) becoming close to him after a breakup, then a while later she's approached by her ex who cheated on her and ask for a second chance, but she glances at Akashi (he notices) and declines? Thank you darling, and thanks for being amzing at these scenarios, I love reading each one <3 <3 <3


Also, omg this made me squeal it’s so cute ahhhh

Akashi Drabble

In which Akashi works to replace thoughts of your shitty ex with thoughts of him.

Akashi had liked you for about one and a half years now.

You were in the same class, and while you had no real interest in basketball as a sport, you were always ready to praise his apparently amazing skills (your words, not his).

Of course, you didn’t really get close until your trash can of a boyfriend broke your heart and left you alone. Akashi knew you were a strong one, and that you’d survive this, but it hurt to see you upset while the wound was still fresh.

So, in an uncanny display of altruism, Akashi tried his best to distract you from your pain.

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