anonymous said:

How would Got7 (if you cant answer all then Jackson, Mark, n JB) react if they caught their gf fangirling over a different boy band?? Plus I'm new here on tumblr n I already LOVE your acc!! ^_^

Jackson: Would cross his arms and huff, asking you just what you were watching. He’d bluff comment on how he can do the moves in the video even better than them before simply replacing the video with A or Girls, Girls, Girls. “Ahh, much better.”

Mark: I don’t think he’d really make much out of this. He’d see you fangirling over some boy group and he’d shake his head lightly, chuckling to himself before going back to whatever he was doing in the first place.

Jaebum: Like Mark, he wouldn’t make a big deal upon seeing you fangirling over a different group. If anything, he’d smirk and ask you if you were having fun over there whilst laughing at your embarrassed expression.