When we say “black lives matter”, it does not imply “white lives don’t matter.”

When we say “women should be respected”, it does not imply “men should not be respected.”

When we say “there’s nothing wrong with being gay”, it does not imply “there’s something wrong with being straight.”

When we say “trans people are people” it does not imply “cis people are not people.”

Us getting rights does not mean your rights are being taken away. You are not a victim. So stop making everything about you.

anonymous asked:

I don't think feminism is about hating men. But I think some tumblr feminists are also misandrists (even if they deny it), they said it's not wrong to say shit things about men because they had privilege and women suffer more so it's okay to say shitty things about men

Of course some tumblr feminists are also misandrists. So? Shall we say that misandry is a direct consequence of feminism? Maybe they had really horrible personal experiences with men, so horrible that they can’t help but generalizing? Some of them might be victims of rape, or abuse. Should we expect a victim to be perpetually apologetic and respectful because ‘not all men’? Some of them might be simply shitty feminists. Do I, as a feminist, have to apologize on behalf of them?

Let’s be real, anyway. A certain degree of resentment among oppressed groups towards their oppressors is understandable. I won’t go tell black people to stop generalizing, to stop talking shit about white people because ‘not all white people’. I may not agree with their ideas, but I get where they’re coming from. Oppression, frustration, marginalization, both on a personal and on an historical level.

When you look at women, as a whole, as the oppressed group in terms of gender discrimination, you will understand that misandry is just toothless compared to misogyny. Misandry doesn’t affect every aspect of our society, on a global level, like misogyny does. It can’t, because as much as women will rant about men, we don’t wield any actual power. We don’t have control on institutions, we aren’t the dominating presence in most countries’ governments, we aren’t spreading hate on top of a millennium-long tradition of seeing men as inferior human beings.

So forgive me if I’m not TERRIBLY concerned with misandry. Never mind that most of (if not ALL) the issues suffered by men aren’t a consequence of misandry, but of sexism and toxic masculinity — less masculine-looking men are shamed, marginalized and victimized because our culture expects men to be aggressive, physically bulking, never showing any interest or inclination towards traditionally “feminine” occupations; men generally lose their legal battle to get child custody after a divorce because society still thinks that women are ‘genetically’ predisposed to take care of children; men are obligated by law to pay their ex-wives alimony because women are still viewed as incapable of looking after themselves, and there’s still this logic that once a woman is divorced, she’s “ruined” forever (‘cause marriage is still seen as a woman’s primary and most important goal in life, you know) (it’s also a hypocritical consolation prize that society grants to women while being perfectly aware that it’s way harder for women to find a job, keep it, and earn just as much money as men of the same age do. just saying); etc.

No one is a bigger misogynist than Feminists. The amount of times I’ve seen Feminists tell other women they hoped they get raped then they’ll see if they need Feminism then is fucking disgusting. They don’t give a shit about women, they only give a shit about their kind of women.

Honestly, if I was a Feminist I would be calling these misogynistic fucks out by now and trying to weed out the movement, but these so called “real Feminists” are just excusing them by saying they aren’t really Feminists.

"I’m a Feminist and I don’t hate men!"
“Not all Feminists are like that!”

Okay, so, just because you and a few other Feminists aren’t bigots, that somehow fixes everything that Feminists have done..??

Start getting rid of these radicals and maybe people will consider.

Who could see your "Kill all men" post
  • Transgender men 
  • Men with physicial disabilities
  • Men with mental illnesses and disorders
  • Men who struggle with suicidal thoughts
  • Men with low self esteem
  • Men who are abuse victims
  • Men who are currently abused
  • Men of marginalized groups

You do not know who is able to see the kind of posts you make against men. And you do not know the kind of impact you can make on the people who see your posts.

  • girls:i like guys that're like 6 ft tall that are muscular and scruffy and have pretty eyes
  • tumblr:yeah me too
  • guys:i like it when girls don't wear a lot of make up and shave their armpits
How To Show Misandry Exists

Take this statement:

"I hate men.  Men are disgusting.  All men should die.  Men should be killed.  Kill all men."

Replace ‘Men' with 'Women’.

If that statement suddenly becomes women-hating and misogynistic after doing so, then it makes saying such things about ‘men’ no different.  You are hating on a specific gender, and you are not bettering your cause doing such.  Hypocrisy is not what you should be using to further your goals.