I went to pull a pallet out from the back room and half of it toppled to the ground. Well, I just left it there. I’m so sick of everything I go to pull out falling. A bunch of people went to the support manager saying I yanked he pallet from under the steel and that a box hit the steel which made it fall over. So my manager came out to “have a talk with me.” I told him the honest truth that, no I was not in a good mood, but I had no trouble pulling the skid until I made a turn where it all fell. It was so dumb. I didn’t stack the pallet like crap, so how is it my fault it fell? And I’m upset at everyone’s over-exaggeration of what happened. So yeah. Its been a night…

misandreavus said: that’s good. i’m glad you’re okay. uwu are you off tomorrow or sunday?

I actually work tonight and Sunday as an extra night.  They keep changing my schedule around and giving me random extra days.  //sigh  But I’m off Monday and Tuesday.

pekoryuu said: ahh you made yours cute. i always just do a circle cause im boring. next time i think i will make a heart c:

Aww~  If you do you should take a picture!  I only have the star shape cutter, and assorted xmas ones :p

misandreavus said: what the fuck is that

It’s eggs in a basket.  You cut a shape in a slice of bread (usually a circle bc you can use a cup to cut it but if you have any kind of cookie cutter, then you can use that, too) then cook an egg in the middle!

misandreavus said: which will probably be in like, 6 hours all t hings considered

It’s okay.  I’ll probably talk about it later, but you get some sleep.  I’m going to do the same thing since I off tonight.  I’m supa tired.  So I’ll text you or something later.  G’night~