It’s not!!!!! homophobic!!!! to dislike!!!!!! a gay person!!!!

However!!! it is!!!! If you only hate them because they are gay!!!!

It is not!!!! rascist!!! to dislike!!! a POC!!!!

However!!!! it is!!!! if you hate them just because they are a POC!!!!!!

It is okay!!!! for a woman to dislike a man!!!! or a man to dislike a women!!!!!!

But it is not okay!!!! if they hate a person just because of their sex!!!!!!!!

It is okay for the oppressed to be angry!!!! For being oppressed!!!!!

But that doesn’t make it okay!!!!!! for the oppressed to oppress others!!!!!!!

Just because the other person is wrong!!!! Does not mean that you are right!!!

That is all!!!!!!

anonymous said:

thanks for answering my "not serious" question so misagony is a thing but misandry isn't? how does that work

hmmm, you see, i also loved Bee Movie, but your assertion that it’s “the greatest movie of all time,” and that “it’s the single greatest piece of art in the past 100 years” feels like a bit of a stretch! i love your enthusiasm though! always nice to hear from my fans