The day they asked him if he knew who she was he just asked if he was supposed to. But when they asked her if she knew him she sighed and with a smile said she used to, while inside her heart was breaking from the mention of his name
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #2, 4am

Trixie and Detox accurately re-enact episode 9’s lip sync

4193) So I opened the door for the guy from the taxi service for elderly people who came to pick up my grandma. Later she called me to tell me this guy was very impressed and said I was a really beautiful woman. He couldn't shut up about it the entire trip. Slightly awkward because I am obviously not happy to be female, but I try to remind myself that someday I might as well be as equally beautiful as a boy. Maybe not very masculine, but that doesn't mean one can not be beautiful.

We have picked 30 members to join the network. If you are not here, dont worry. we most likely will take in more members later on down the road. But to start we had to keep it simple. Let me tell how how difficult this was for us. almost 100 applications in two days.

You will be receiving a message from Taylor urieking giving you some boring instructions so i can set up the members page.

But please make a welcome post and tag it with #ryanisabottomnet just to introduce yourself!

this is in no special order.

you all should also know that we read your thirst for ryro. we are proud of you.