I want Jim to put his broken crew back together. 

I want him to take Scotty out for a pub crawl, put him and Keenser to bed on the couch, be there when he wakes up from the nightmare of discovering his captain in the Warp Core. 

I want him to fence with Sulu (letting him teach and ultimately school Jim), clap Hikaru on the back and tell him he’s proud for not abandoning Spock when ordered to.

I want him to take Chekov to a Russian festival, letting the younger Navigator tell Jim what foods to try, what to buy, what stalls to talk to the proprietors. 

I want Jim to go with Spock to see Ambassador Spock. To learn the best chess moves, to hear the stories the older Vulcan is ready and able to tell, to remember that this friendship went to hell and back before, it can again. 

I want Jim to let Uhura choose what she wants to do. The whole day, whatever she wants. Linguistics conference? Art exhibit? Some lute playing? Whatever. They tease each other the whole time she drags  him along and Jim’s never been as comfortable out of his element as he is with her. 

I want him to take Carol home to England. To have tea with her mother. To talk not about their fathers or guilt or anything else but about science and the ship and how to make Spock’s ears tinge green.

I want Jim to surprise Bones with Joanna (It wasn’t hard to get Eleanora McCoy to persuade Jocelyn and Spock and Uhura collected her from the shuttle). I want them to spend the weekend going to the zoo, the acquarium, to the movies. I want the heaviness of what happened to be filled with Jo’s giggles, her endless innocent questions, her happy exclamations. 

I want game night. Competitive and loud, I want bets placed on who will win LIFE,  MONOPOLY, Who killed who in Clue. I want Twister (possibly drunk Twister) and Trivia and staying up until even the ship’s computers don’t know what time it is. 

I want Jim to know that like him, they’re still broken but that each thing big or small he can do, can help set them whole again.

'I've never laughed' Jim says to him one night. They're both drunk sitting on the roof of their dorm room, a bottle of bourbon between them. Because he's never had a reason to. From a dead father, absent mother and franks abuse. Tarsus and spending months in a hospital full id strangers who tires to get him to talk. Sure he knows what it is but he's never wanted to.

And suddenly there are two strong arms around him and warm breath on his neck. He finds him self wrapped up in Bones because to Bones Jim is the most important thing to him. While everyone else had dismissed the doctor as an angry drunk, Jim had been the one to befriend the doctor and make sure he didn’t drink himself to death.

And so Bones makes it his mission to make Jim laugh, he trie everything from sending funny pictures to taking to him to comedy shows. But all he ever gets out of Jim is a smile and a sharp intake of breath.

But it finally comes totally unexpectedly one day in December, Jim is still out at the gym so Bones has taken the task of putting up christmas decorations. He’s in the middle of putting up some lights, when he slips of the chair and lands on the floor covered in lights and decorations. Of course it’s at this moment when Jim walks in, drops his sports bag and Laughs. And Bones suddenly forgets about the mess around him because Jim’s laughter is the most beautiful thing he’s ever heard, it’s a rich deep sound that reverberates around the room.

And then he’s up and across the room completely ignoring the decorations that cover him and sealing his lips over Jim’s because Jim looks so happy and carefree. And he swears to god he will do anything to see that look on Jim’s face again.

if the sun keeps it's promise

aka “why did i write a hs au, i don’t even like hs aus”

'so gary mitchell offered me a hundred bucks to seduce you and break your heart' is probably the first full sentence jim has ever said to him and bones doesn't even look up from his book like 'uh huh' and jim rolls his eyes like 'hey, pay attention, i'm offering to split it with you if you play along' and bones glances up like 'why?' 'uh, cos gary's a dick and taking his money is fun?' and bones kicks out the chair next to him and goes right back to his book and jim is like 'is that a yes?' and bones grunts and affirmative and jim flops into the chair like 'cool. i thought you'd be harder to convince. i had this whole speech planned' 'well keep it to yourself, i'm busy'

jim turns up at his locker the next day grinning in an entirely unsettling way like ‘morning, bones’ and bones eyebrows at him like ‘what did you just call me?’ ‘bones’ ‘why?' and jim shrugs like 'isn't that what couples do? the cutesy nicknames thing?' and bones demands 'how the hell is bones cutesy?’ ‘maybe it’s not. but it suits you’ and bones blinks like ‘you wanna tell me how?' 'nope' and he wiggles his fingers at bones like 'come on, i'm gonna walk you to class' and bones stares at him in disbelief for a second and then gives him his hand like 'fine, darlin' and it's practically a sneer but jim's grin just gets wider and he twines their fingers together like 'see, you're getting the hang of it'

'is this how you are when you really date someone?' bones wonders halfway through a movie and they're sitting in the back of the theatre and it's mostly empty so he's not quite whispering and jim looks at him sideways like ‘pretty much’ ‘pretty much?’ and jim smirks at him like ‘well, if we were really dating i’d have tried to cop a feel by now, but otherwise yeah, this is it’ ‘huh’ and bones goes back to the movie but jim keeps watching him like ‘what about you?’ and bones blushes like ‘i, uh, i wouldn’t know’ and jim frowns like ‘really? i thought you and the darnell girl-’ ‘jocelyn?’ and bones barks out a derisive laugh like ‘she likes girls and i like boys, that woulda worked out real well’ and one of the three other people in the theatre turns around to shush them

'we should be making out' jim says from where he's sprawled across the lower half of his bed and bones is sitting up against the headboard doesn't even look up from his book like 'no' and jim isn't surprised but he pouts anyway like 'why not?' 'why should i?' 'for verisimilitude' and bones actually does look up at that and jim shrugs like 'we'd definitely be making out if we were really dating, you're wrecking the illusion here' and bones rolls his eyes like 'do your friends have cameras in your bedroom?' 'i sure hope not' 'then i think we're safe' and jim rolls over and props his chin on bones' knee like 'you're seriously turning down an offer to make out with the hottest guy in school?' and bones snorts like 'turn your ego down a few notches' 'what, you don't think i'm hot?' and bones looks at him critically over the edge of his book like 'sure, in an empty-headed male model kind of way' 'empty-headed? dude, i just used the wording verisimilitude on you, give me a little credit’ ‘i’m still not making out with you’ ‘your loss’

'tomorrow's the day' gary mitchell says as he passes jim in the hallway and it takes him a minute to fiture out what gary's talking about and when he does he nearly stops walking altogether and then jogs to catch up with him like 'really, mitchell? valentines day? that's cruel and unusual even for you' and gary smirks at him like 'you backing out, kirk?' and jim glares at the back of his head as he walks away and after school he texts bones about it while eating the box of chocolates he'd stupidly bought for him and bones texts him back gary mitchell is an asshole

'showtime' gary murmurs and jim turns to find bones standing behind him and he can’t do it and he looks between the two of them for a minute and then ‘i forfeit’ and it’s clear and too loud and almost seems to echo before bones and gary are like ‘what?' in unison and he shrugs like 'i'm not doing it' and gary whistles like 'christ, kirk, he must be one hell of a lay’ and jim sneers ‘better than you, mitchell’ and shoves past him like ‘i’ll have your money tomorrow’ and gary shouts after him ‘you better’ and it takes bones a minutes but he runs after him like ‘jim, wait’ and jim stops in the hallway and thumps his head back against a locker like ‘how mad are you?’ ‘not mad, confused. what the hell was that?’ ‘social suicide, i think’ and when bones doesn’t say anything he sighs like ‘you didn’t deserve it’ and bones points out ‘it wasn’t real’ and jim thumps his head again like ‘i know. i don’t know, i just… look, i’ll give you the fifty bucks for putting up with-’ and he’s cut off by bones’ lips on his and jim’s been around the block enough times to not get weak-kneed over a kiss, or you’d think that, anyway, except ‘but you hate me?’ and bones’ mouth twitches a little like half a smile life ‘not so much, as it turns out’

palimpset (a big round of applause for your second love)

jim catches bones look at him sometimes when he thinks jim can’t see, looking so goddamn sad, so miserable it stops him head in his tracks the first time he sees it, and he silently vows to do whatever it takes to make that look disappear, but the more he tries to make bones happy the sadder he seems to get and it kills him being responsible for that so he just. stops. stops swinging by bones’ room after class, stops coming around the clinic with dinner, stops souting for bones to wait up from halfway across campus and then one day bones bursts into his dorm like ‘what did i do?’ and jim freezes deer-in-headlights style like ‘w-what?’ ‘i haven’t seen hide or hair of you in weeks, jim and i can’t for the life of me figure out why. did i say something to hurt you? offend you? whatever it is i’m sorr-’ ‘no, no bones, you didn’t-’ ‘then why are you avoiding me?' 'because you're miserable when i'm around' and bones blinks like 'what?' 'the way you look at me, bones, it's like i just killed your puppy and i can't be the reason you look like that, i can't. and i tried to make it better but that just made it worse so i thought… if i left you alone maybe you could be happy' and he shrugs and drops his eyes like 'i don't know how to fix it' and bones gapes at him like 'that's the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard' and he pulls jim into a hug like 'christ, kid. there's nothing to fix. i'm not miserable' and jim pulls away to look at him like 'you're not?' and bones shakes his head and jim frowns like 'then what's that look for?' and as everyone except for jim already knew, what he's look at is bones' face when he's thinking about what it would be like to be romantically involved with him and jim's jaw drops like 'you're pining? over me?' 'shut up' 'but bones that's so stupid' and bones rolls his eyes like 'thanks, jim, i wasn't aware-' and jim cuts him off like 'you should kiss me' and bones just kinda stops and stares at him like 'wait, what?' 'kiss me, bones' and bones frowns like 'you don't have to-' 'seriously, bones would you just-' and then bones is kissing him, a little desperately like he's not going to get another chance and jim parts his lips without any coaxing to suck on bones' tongue and bones moans and fists his hands into jim's hair to keep him there and jim tugs on his waistband to get him closer and when he finally pulls back bones is staring at him wide-eyed and jim grins at him like 'again?' and drags him back

Painted Stars

(I was inspired by both a post I saw earlier today, and a project I just completed on my room)

Leonard is shaking with emotion the entire bus ride home.  He has the papers in his hand.  Jocelyn had passed them over without even a complaint - she understands this is the best thing for their little girl.  

It won’t be easy, but Jim loves Joanna more than anything….he’ll be perfect for her.  Leonard has to wipe at his eyes a couple of times before he even reaches his stop, and when he does his heart begins to pound.  

He only has a short walk from here, where he knows Jim is waiting anxiously to hear the news.  When Leonard walks in the house, he finds his husband sitting at the kitchen table, fingers clasped tightly.   Jim looks up at him, he looks down at Jim.  

"W-Well?  How did it go?"

Leonard just crumbles in relief, passes the papers to Jim, and sits in the nearest chair to cry.  ”She’s ours, darlin’.  All ours.”

Jim’s tears are crocodile-sized, and he covers his trembling lips with his hand.  ”God, no way…”  Then he laughs.  ”I guess we’ll have to just finish painting that room, then.”

They’d started painting Jo’s room because of Jim’s endless optimism.  A week of, “It’ll be okay, Bones,” and “This will work out.”  Words Leonard just wasn’t quite sure would be true.  How could he, after so much heartache from Jocelyn, all the times he hadn’t been able to see their daughter?

No, Jim had kept him sane.  Painting that tiny space every day, humming cheerily and wiping Leonard’s tears away when they fell.  Once they finish painting, they stand in the empty space and admire their work.  Leonard slips behind Jim, wraps his arms around his stomach, and softly kisses his neck.  ”You were right, Jim.  It’s perfect.  It’s gonna be okay.”

Jim nods, and can’t contain the sniffles.  He laughs and wipes at his eyes, only to be turned around in Leonard’s arms.  ”Now I’m crying, sorry.”

Leonard just shakes his head.

When they arrive to pick up Joanna, Jim is a complete wreck.  He won’t say it, but Leonard has a feeling he knows.  Jim had grown up with a terrible step-father, abusive and neglectful.  He’d never had the role model to shape how he would parent this tiny person now.  Jim’s hands shake as they walk together, so Leonard takes one and clasps it into his.  ”It’s okay, Jim.  I promise, it’s okay.”

Jim can only be calm when Joanna rushes into his arms.  It shocks him speechless, how accepting she is of all of this, and nearly loses it as she whispers, “Hi, Daddy.”

"Hey, kiddo.  You ready?"  He feels her nod against his chest.  "Good, because we have a surprise for you."

When they get home, Jim walks behind her, eyes hovering over her eyes as they head into Joanna’s new room.  Then he pulls them away after counting to three, and lets her take it in.  

She gasps, and her mouth falls open.  ”It’s so beautiful!”

Jim and Leonard had gone with a pale blue, to fit the furniture they’d shipped and arranged all last night.  Over her bed, the part Jim was most proud of, is a mural of space and stars.  A glittering night-light dangles over her bed, and he smiles and points to it.  ”Now you can look at the stars every night, sweetie.”

She hugs him tightly, and her eyes glisten with tears.  ”Thank you, Daddy.  And Dad, too!”  She laughs, looking over at Leonard.

The older man had been content to watch the scene, but moves over to them at her tiny, waving hand.  Then they cuddle on her bed together, looking up at the stars.  



sorry semi shoddy pictures but i swear i can sniff the paper all day. I tried Catprint this time and i really really really like them. I also…think they gave me more prints than my intended 10 prints per image. I also just put together the felt button thingy because this one is a bit easier than the full…back board since i don’t have a lot so lol! plus its more configurable because of the velcro but yeaaa

So in this Post here me and my awesome friend kirayu is going to be there this weekend~ Its fun doing it with another friend~ : D and this is what I’ve been mostly doing for the past month ish ahah So yeaa I suck at this welcome new followers etc but yeaa I’ll try to post more art and farewell to those that left/unfollow me and I’m sorry if it’s certain posts that I queue or such~ But either way! Hi :D I derp

I’ll most likely put the rest/leftover on my storenvy shop after or save it for Fanime, whatever works. Now time for me to go put them in baggies/boards (i might not sale them all at the con, still deciding on which big print to bring)

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bahahahaha i’ve gotten a couple of requests to write more though i hadn’t planned on it??? i mean, i have an idea or two, and the whole ‘demon boyfriend’ this is SUPER CUTE (and yeah, i mean, its mckirk, they’re gonna bang/be together at some point), so