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Oh but what about a blind pianoplayer!Bones who teams up with smooth Sinatra-voice Kirk?


The accident was early enough in Leonard’s life that he has no memory of the sky, the grass, the color of his own eyes. Blue is a vague term and he likes to think of it as light, windy, the feeling of a cool breeze on an otherwise melting summer’s day. Yellow is trickier- he’s been told lemons are yellow and so it’s a sharp, tangy color. The color of a major third. Dark purple is the color of an E flat minor chord.

He doesn’t need eyes to play the piano, to feel the smooth wood beneath his fingers, hear the crystal intonation of every note, the creak of music in his bones.

In some ways, he thinks, the darkness makes it better.

He plays in smoky lounges, in quieter bars where they give him free drinks and lipsticked woman leave him their numbers on business cards he can’t read, in retirement centers where he feels more at home than he should at the age of twenty-nine.

But when he meets Jim Kirk, he’s not sitting at the piano. For once, he’s squeezed shoulder to shoulder at the bar, nursing a drink that smells like brandy and tastes nothing at all like brandy that the bartender keeps topping off. There’s occasional jazz on Friday nights, but the stage is empty tonight.

Or so he thinks, until he hears a ragged cheer starting up near the back of the bar by the band platform, and he hears a rallying brass chorus, the deep thumping of a string bass.

And the voice.

Oh God, if there’s a color for that sound, Leonard doesn’t know it, and it’s like gold and violet and blue all at once, and the alcohol in his system burns all the hotter as he tilts his head, listening the opening strains of Come Fly With Me.

Come fly with me, let’s fly down to Peru….

"Good, huh?" the man beside him says cheerfully, and Leonard can feel his breath against his cheek.

"Who is it?" he asks, turning towards the stage.

"The kid? Kirk, I think. Jim or Jimmy or something like that. Been coming here for a few weeks now, doing free gigs."

"Yeah?" Leonard murmurs, already losing interest in the conversation. He loses himself in Kirk’s voice instead and can’t help but think that he’d like to play with a voice like that.

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but imagine punk omega!bones and nerd alpha!jim.

uuuuuuuuughhhhhhh anon YEAH OKAY

Like, omega punk Bones takes no shit from anybody, and is good with biology and science and whips up something to almost completely mask his smell, so because of how he argues and flips people off and growls, people just assume he’s an alpha.

And alpha nerd Jim, who’s sunshiney and smiley and seems to try and shrink into his sweater vests sometimes and did he just blush? Alphas don’t blush. But his scent is barely there, shrunk down like the rest of him seems to do sometimes, content to just hide away in the library sometimes, so of course he must be an omega.

But then they meet, and Bones has his chin up defiantly and his voice is a low, threatening growl, and his glare is just damn impressive and he only minutely leans away from Jim.

Because Jim, blue eyes wide and flipping beaming, is leaning so easily into his personal space, and suddenly his hardly-there presence is huge, and fuck goddamn is this man an alpha. Even as he smiles bright and welcoming, tucking a pen back into the protector in his sweater vest, the omega can’t help but actual shiver as the feels electricity across his skin as Jim brushes their fingers together, feel a bit dizzy at the man’s now almost overwhelming scent, deep and rich in a way that makes the punk want to keen.

And the alpha leans closer to the crook of his neck, murmuring, Mmm, you smell so good, because Jim can smell him, under all the chemistry Bones tried to hide it under; it’s there and it’s bright and sweet and singing to the blonde, because Bones is his.

And Bones just stares, wide eyed, as the nerd links their hands together, so close with his body heat and alpha scent spilling everywhere, and Bones can’t even manage a growl, or a snarl, just something akin to a whimper as he says, You smell good too.

And Jim smiles, his smell signalling want and delight, and for fuck’s sake Bones is blushing now, but he’s never encountered a scent like that and part of him wants to just smother himself with it until he smells like it too and he thinks he has a problem now.

And it doesn’t help when he sees little hearts with their names together in Jim’s textbooks or the letters he receives that says he’s had stars named after him or bouquets of blue flowers that make the blonde sneeze but he brings them anyway, every week, and Bones has never been courted like this before.

And when they’re walking together at sunset in the park, not yet holding hands, but Bones is letting Jim touch and pet at his fingers, and someone, some alpha walks by and hisses under his breath, Nerd, Bones doesn’t even think twice in turning around and snarling at the alpha who’s confused and startled by the mix of scents but the punk just growls deep and he mumbles a Sorry before scurrying away.

The goddamn supernova in Jim’s smile afterwards lets Bones know just how big of a problem Jim Kirk is, but he can’t help but grab the alpha’s hand and drag him further along the path anyway, blushing furiously.

jim decides he likes to sneak up behind len and ruffle up his hair so in retaliation len waits until they are alone in the lift and proceeds to yank jim close and kiss him until he’s flushed and making quiet little half moans— then len steps back, opens the door, and calls see you later, darlin’ over his shoulder as he heads toward the med bay and jim tries to straighten his uniform before anyone notices. 

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"Let's see what else it does" well HOPEFULLY write more about Leonard Horatio McCoy taking it up the ass. ;D

i think i took the less obvious route with this one ahahaha

Commander Spock, gaze sharp and voice blank as usual, walked to the side of his captain who sat, legs spread, in his chair on the bridge. His blue eyes were gleaming in the dangerous way that they did after destroying a planet, and his grip was tight in the brunette’s hair, but otherwise he looked the picture of calm.

"Are you enjoying your gift, captain?" Spock asked without any inflection in his voice, eyebrow raised as he eyed the man between the captain’s legs. He was naked, excluding the golden chains around his wrists and ankles, and the captain’s cock stuffed in his mouth.

"Mmm," Kirk said thoughtfully, pushing the man’s face (McCoy, was it?) further onto his length, feeling his throat swallow, before answering, “Let’s see what else it does.”

Spock wretched McCoy’s face away, the man not missing a beat as he licked his lips and scrambled up into the captain’s lap where Spock finally released his hold. Dark, hazel eyes looked into steely blue from under disheveled bangs, just the hint of a smirk on the man’s plush, reddened lips as he spread his legs and sank onto the captain’s stiff cock.

He was already prepped and so very eager, bouncing on the hot, hard length like it was his job, and the way things were going maybe it would be.

Kirk gripped the man’s hips tight, not stopping them but bruising, and the man keened; grabbed the back of the neck to pull him in and bite and bite and McCoy shivered. At that point, the captain flipped them around, and began fucking the brunette into his chair mercilessly.

Kirk looked to Spock, hips thrusting deep as he licked his lips and said, “I think I’ll keep it.” He turned back to his pretty pet beneath him, and tried to devour his mouth, growling, “Blow the traders up anyway.”

As the captain bit at his gift’s lips, he felt McCoy grin, and Kirk knew he’d made the right choice.

So I'm reposting the whole thing. Enjoy.

1950s Insane Asylum McKirk AU
Summary: in the early 1950’s James T Kirk led a string of crimes across the middle of the country. He was captured and deemed legally insane in 1953. A year later a young investigative reporter named Leonard McCoy, hoping to exposing the corruption of mental institutions, meets a scared, and troubled young man he can’t help but fall for.

Leonard is nervous. This is his first big assignment to Bel-view Hospital. He applied for a nursing position to go under cover and see what it’s really like in there. He’s heard the stories but he needs more.
He enters the large hall and looks around. Dr. Pike greats him.
“Dr. McCoy! Nice to meet you. I’m Christopher Pike, head doctor here at Bel-View. Please feel free to look around. But don’t touch anything.” He pats his shoulder and walks away. Leonard nods and smiles weakly, “thank you sir.”
When Leonard first sees him, he’s tempted to turn away. The boy is skinny. He’s pale. He’s naked. He’s crying alone in the corner. Leonard goes over to him but hesitates before putting a hand on his shoulder. The boy flinches and looks up at him. His eyes are so blue they hurt to look at. He blinks then speaks, “Bones…” He murmurs.
“Bones…because people like you…they chill me to the bone.” He whispers. Then he turns away and starts to cry again.
Bones enters Pike’s office at the end of the day. He’s shaking slightly. He’s seen so much. A small Russian boy who never says a word, a boy with black hair who only speaks in equations, a girl with red hair who is so sick her skin looks green, and of course the boy with the electric blue eyes.
Pike looks up “Leonard? Come in. How was your first day?”
Leonard let’s out a small laugh “well…it was somethin.”
Pike laughs “yes…yes they can be quiet a handful.”
Leonard nodded “that boy…with the blue eyes…what’s his name?”
“You mean James? You stay away from him. He’s dangerous.”
“He’s barely over 18.”
“He killed seventeen people including his mother, brother and step-father when he was 16. The boy is dangerous.”
Leonard falls silent. He can’t wrap his head around it. That skinny little kid killed people. He must have had a reason. He looked up at Pike, “I want to see his file. I want to see what happened to him.”
Pike sighed “why?”
“I’m worried about him.”
“You’re WORRIED about him.McCoy he’s a mental patient.”
Leonard blushed and looked away “I just…I want to know.”
“Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong kid. You’ll learn that quickly here.”
He sees James again. He’s still naked and this time he’s vomiting. Leonard knows he’s just had electro. “Poor kid.” Leonard mumbles. He joins James on the floor. The kid shys away from him and keeps puking into that nasty bucket that, Khan had thrown at him.
“Hey James?”
“Don’t talk to me.”
“I just…”
“I said don’t talk to me!”
Leo puts a gently hand on his shoulder, “kid I’m just here to help.”
“NO! No you’re a liar! You’re a liar just like them! All you want to do is hurt me!” He coward from Leonard and small, choked noise.
Leo followed “no kid. No. I’m not here go hurt you.”
This catches James’ attention “you’re not?”
Leo nods and James hesitantly sits on the floor and faces Leo for the first time.
Leo wished he the decency to stop looking. Wished he had the power to cover the boy up. But he doesn’t. And he can’t. All he can do is look. This boy, pale, skinny, and ill as he was, was stunning. He still had a little muscle. His fighting skills had made him strong. His eyes still had a spark of life in them. A fire that was using all of it’s strength to stay glowing, no matter how dim.
“Why are you looking at me like that?”
James’ voice pulls Leo out of his daze and he blinks dumbly.
“My mama use to look at my daddy that way. I saw it in their wedding pictures.”
Leo nodded “tell me about your family.”
Jim blushed “I don’t got a family.”
“Sure you do. Everyone’s got a family of some kind.”
Jim bit his lip “well…my daddy died same day I was born. My mama was at the hospital. My daddy got shot and died straight on the street. Never even said good bye to her. I never knew him. But he was the best pilot the United States Air Force ever had.” He paused and smiled a little “my mama said I look just like him.” He sighed softly then started again “she raised me best she could. But you know how these things go. She remarried Frank when I was 10. Sam, my brother, didn’t spend much time with me. He left soon as he was able. He’s 6 years older then me. Any way…one day Frank beat me up real bad. I was angry. At daddy for dying, at Sam for leaving, at Frank for hitting me…at my mom for marrying him.” He started to cry as he spoke. “I snapped. Don’t know what I did or said. Next thing you know…here I am.” He whispered. He’s crying silently. Leonard is scared to touch him but knows he has to in order to get the boy to keep talking. He gently lays a hand on his shoulder and holds the boy in place. Poor kid isn’t crazy. Just lonely and scared.
Leo can’t sleep that night.
Probably couldn’t even if he wanted to.
All he knows that as guilty as the kid may be…he ain’t crazy.
And more then anything…he wants to set him free.