what if jim goes down to an alien planet and he comms bones who is still on the ship and is like “bones omg i found the cutest dog can i please bring it back to the ship???” and bones doesn’t have the energy to argue about it so hes just like “sure whatever” because when jim says cute dog bones expects some little fluffy dog but then jim beams up WITH A DOG THAT IS LIKE CLIFFORD SIZED and bones doesn’t even know what to say

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drift compatible cont. nomygod tho, Jim and Bones adopting the same judging bitch face when someone deserves it. Swapping food on their meal trays without even needing to ask. Laughing at the same things. Communicating with glances and the tilt of their lips. Bones knowing Jim's bored by how he leans against him. Jim knowing by how he exhales when someone won't let Bones leave a situation he doesn't want to be in. Talking in jabs and snark but no one doubts that they will defend each other.

ye s  oh my god

They weird the other pilots out with their strange sense of each other; many pilots have reported being able to feel where there partner was, a side effect of ghost drifting but never to the degree that Leonard and Jim have;

They sit so close together at the table that they’d knock knees if they weren’t preternaturally away of one another, with Leonard always seeming to know just what Jim wanted and how much and Jim managing to know just where Leonard is going to be and what he wants in regards to food and touch.

It freaks some of them out, especially when Jim would have knocked a cup over with his elbow if Leonard had twitched and his hand shot out to move the cup before Jim was only an inch away from it.

When the power goes out, Leonard sees all the windows blacken from the campus sidewalk. Rain pours. Lightning flashes. He curses himself for leaving his umbrella and charges to the library awning to gain temporary protection as he peels off his cadet red jacket to use as an impromptu shield. His PADD dings. A message blinks.

"bones I need you here asap"

Shit. Leonard disregards his cover up plans and sprints across campus. Water sticks to flesh and fabric, latching cold fingers against his frame. He doesn’t care.

Arriving at the dorm in record time, Leonard yanks the emergency latch in a flurry. “Jim!”

A figure streaks at him in the dark and clings like a stale Georgian heat. Leonard grunts and moves to push the figure away. “Jesus Jim, I’m…” His voice fades when he feels Jim shivering under his touch. “… Jim?” Leonard stares uncertainly at the trembling figure. Lightning ripples through the clouds. Thunder roars. Jim jumps and quivers, fingers tightening against the back of his jacket.

"I’m sorry Bones, I…" Jim whispers, words fading a bit, "Give me a minute."

"You’re afraid of thunder." It’s stated matter-of-factly, but Jim shakes his head anyway.

"Storms and… losing people in them. But you’re here now. I just need a minute to calm down." Thunder cracks like a whip through the air. Jim jumps again. Leonard considers the younger man for a moment, then sighs.

"Get in bed," Leonard whispers. Jim peers and blinks up at him, blue moon eyes wide yet marred with confusion. "I’m not going anywhere. It’s alright."

When Jim peels off, Leonard changes into dry pajamas, towel dries his hair, then climbs into the narrow bed with the still shivering blond.

"Do you want to check on anyone else?" Leonard asks. Jim shakes his head against Leonard’s shoulder. "Then try and get some sleep, okay?" Jim nods, body curling into Leonard’s chest. Leonard isn’t sure how long it takes, but soon he can hear Jim’s heavy breathing over the screams of the storm. It lulls him to sleep as well.

It was times like these, as Jim emerged from yet another boring meeting with his federal admirals, when he felt like Chris Pike was giving him the finger from the beyond. 

"Not all it’s cracked up to be, is it kid?" He’d probably say, a ghostly spectre at Jim’s soldier, eager to make sure that Jim’s Cool Admiral Status wavered in favor of Jim’s Bored As Hell Admiral Status. Who cared about acquisition meetings when the date loomed over their heads like the tornado clouds in Iowa, black, foreboding, and likely to strike. 

Tomorrow was the anniversary of the John Harrison Incident, the San Francisco devastation, the Khan and Marcus Fuck Up. It had been a great many years since Jim had made peace with it (around the time when he stopped having nightmares of climbing into the warp core, of being unable to save his crew from Khan, of Marcus blowing up his ship without him on it). He had other more important things to focus on (six adorable, devilish, amazing children and many years ahead with the love of his life) than to dwell on his past mistakes, because even though Marcus organized the whole thing, Khan orchestrated it, it was still his naivety that led him to near ruin. 

Pike would be frowning now, if he were there. Saying that even the greatest of men, leaders, made mistakes. 

Jim was about to slide down the wall of his office and have a good think with his spectral mentor when his comm buzzed. He didn’t even have to check to know who it was. 

"Hey Bones."

"Dude. Did you know what you did?"

He almost smiled at his husband’s drawl, affectionate and chastising. “What did I do?”

"You sent Davie without his lunch this morning. Kid had to forage for scraps."

Jim frowned. He remembered giving everyone lunch money at the door. Maddy’s friend’s mom picked them all up. He relayed this to Bones. 

The other man sighed. “Davie doesn’t eat the school lunch. Didn’t you hear this over dinner a week ago?”

Jim could barely remember his name these days. “Maybe?”

"He was sent to the nurse for an apple!"

"I love apples." Jim pushed himself off the wall and walked over to his desk. 

"You’re a moron."

"Does he hate me?"

Bones sighed. “No, he thinks this was a training exercise.”

Jim choked. “A what?”

"Like what you do with the kids. Hide and seek and the like."

"This wasn’t like that!"

"Well, Jim, our son is nine. He didn’t know that."

Jim rubbed a hand over his face. This day was getting worse. Horrible captain meant horrible admiral meant horrible father?

"Give him the comm."

A passover, some static and-

"Hey daddy."

"Hey buddy." He imagined floppy haired Davie, curling in his favorite chair, ignoring his homework and focusing on TV. "I’m so sorry about today, Davie. I didn’t mean it. Dad’s been a bit distracted."

"Is it about tomorrow?" Davie whispers. 

"How do you know about tomorrow?" There were three days a year when the Federation had a moment of silence. Jim was personally impacted by all of them. But he didn’t think his kids, at least the littler ones, knew about it. 

"They talked about it in school. Rin’s grandpa died downtown. When the bad man’s ship hit his building."

He thought he could spare them. He usually took off tomorrow, on the anniversary of the Narada, the Kelvin. Spent the day with the kids, the night with his crew. The brood didn’t have to deal with curious glances from teachers or whispers from older kids. But he almost forgot. He spent the week wondering why he felt so hollow, so off. Today during the meeting he remembered. And it hit him the same way it always did. Like Khan’s punch to the gut.

"I’m sorry, Davie. Do you have questions?"

"No. Papa told us a little bit what happened. So did Jo. You’re a hero."

 He wanted to say no, no he’s not. Chris Pike was a hero. Your grandpa was a hero. The men and women who died trying to evacuate Vulcan before it vanished, they were heroes. 

He choked out, “There were a lot of heros. Your Auntie Ny. Uncle Spock, Uncle Pavel and Hikaru. Aunt Carol. Papa.” 

He could hear Davie’s smile on the other line. “But your my hero, daddy.”

Silence. More shuffling. Bones’ rough voice. “Yeah, I got all that.”

"We’ve got some good kids, you know."

"Well, darlin’, look who they’ve got as their dad."

Jim felt a bit better after that and he could feel the spectral guilt lift a bit. God, he loved his kids.

okay but imagine jim and bones dressing up as each other for halloween. jim gets a utility belt and fils it with a ridiculous amount of hypos and then he runs around stabbing people with them all day (especially bones). and when people ask bones who he is he says “i’m an idiot - that’s what i am” and sighs at the sight of jim running around manically wielding a hypo. and then as the evening progresses maybe bones gets a little drunk and maybe he climbs up on a table and shouts something about how he is “jim kirk - sexy captain number one” (and maybe he rips his shirt off).

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okay, but drift compatible McKirk. Feeling their connection the first time they're tested together. Bones feeling the loneliness and desperation of a child Jim. Jim feeling the anger and helplessness of a lost Bones. Learning to let go of it all and move together, becoming one of the most compatible pairs ever seen, with a power and drive to protect the other that leaves them undefeated in the fight against the Kaiju.

nO because it has the potential to be so amazing but so heartbreaking because in the drift, Leonard is Jim is Leonard is Jim, there is no end and they find it hard to distingush between the paling clenches of starvation deep in Jims stomach and the pang of helplessness that crafts itself into Leonards bones. 

Imagine Leonard and Jim ghost drifting, seeing double and not able to move even an inch away from each other because they feel as if they’re slowly going to fall apart, imagine how they are each other and then aren’t, fading in and out and the loneliness that is inherent in their heart feels a little less grasping, a little less like an anchor that drags them into the oceanic depths-

But it’s that, that helps them move on, helps Jim to grasp that how his father died was not his fault, and that he never should have been put into that position and how Leonard only did what his father asked, he was simply honoring him and though the guilt never leaves them completely, they warp it into something that makes them almost unstoppable;

They turn it into strength, into sheer power of will that leaves them breathless with determination and a need to be the best;

Leonard is Jim is Leonard is Jim, and that’s the only way they’d have it

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okay but imagine jim staying up late one night trying to write an essay but he is so sleepy so he doesn’t really realize what he’s writing and then next morning he wakes up to find the sentence “i fucking love leonard mccoy that sexy bastard” in the middle of his essay on klingon warfare

aND he doesn’t even notice until after he turns it in and the professor asks to see him

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Mckirk prompt: it's not until they finally move in together that bones realizes jim is an excellent cook.

Leonard sat in his home office and stared at the mountain of boxes he still had to go through. He knew he owned a lot, but he never realized how much until he packed it all together and lugged it to the two story ranch style home he was sharing with Jim. He’d been at this for five hours. Barely made a dent. Why did he need all this shit anyway?

Just as he was about to open another box, the office door opened. Jim stood, framed like a painting in the doorway, hand on one hip and leaned over barely enough to match the cock in his head. “How’s it going?” he asked, a chime in his voice thay was way too damn chipper.

"How does it look like it’s going?" Leonard answered, motioning towards the cardboard towers as he glared at them in distain.

"Why don’t you take a break. Dinner’s ready."

Dinner? That’s when Leonard smelled it - potatoes and melted butter mingling in the air with something meaty, yet light. Leonard quirked an eyebrow up at Jim.

"I didn’t hear the doorbell ring," he said. He left out the part where the food didn’t smell like take out. Maybe he souldn’t have. The tiny flicker in Jim’s smile might have been different as he stepped out of the frame.

"I cooked."

Then Jim disappeared down the hall. Fascinated, Leonard followed him, tracing the halls down the stairs and into the dining room. A long table sat in the middle, smaller boxes placed on top but left enough room for two plates filled with steak, a mound of mashed potatoes, and a side helping of green beans which took up half the plate.

"That’s a lot of food," Leonard said.

"We’ve been working all day. I think it’s in order."

Leonard took a seat at he table around the corner from Jim. He didn’t know what to expect from Jim’s cooking skills, but the meal appeared to be restaurant quality. Slowly he cut into the steak, gave the small, somewhat pink meat a once over on his fork, and then popped it into his mouth. It only took a second for Leonard to realize exactly what hidden talent he was dealing with. Jim was a cooking god. Well, he could be. Leonard took several more bites of everything just to be sure. And the proof was there, wrapped in hardy tastes of a midwestern home Jim long left behind. Jim ought to be worshipped for those cooking chops. Assuming he wasn’t lying, of course.

"This isn’t from some damn restaurant that you’re trying to take the credit from, right?" he asked, peering up at his blond fiance. Blue eyes blinked at him.

"No, why?" Jim asked around a mouth full.

"Jim, this food is incredible." Jim shrugged and looked down at his plate.

"You’re just saying that because you haven’t eaten all day."

"I’m not. This is the best damn food I’ve had in years. Where the hell did you get this talent from?"

"I taught myself when I was a kid." He paused, stiffened, never looked up from his own plate. That’s when Leonard noticed that Jim had hardly touched his food. "I… haven’t cooked for anyone else before."

"That’s a shame. I bet you could have won over a couple more women with this talent back in the day." He could see a small smile curl onto Jim’s lips. "Seriously, Jim, it’s great. Why haven’t you ever had anyone try your food?"

"I cooked out of necessity. After dad died, mom was never home and my brother would only take care of me enough to keep the bullies off my back before running off with friends. He always ate there while I was stuck at home alone with crumbs and dust. I almost died from malnutrision. So I got a job to pay for food and took up cooking so I could live. It wasn’t meant to be shared with the world. It was just enough to get me by."

Leonard paused, watching Jim poke at his food uncomfortably. The blond would eat it all. He always did. He ate like it was his last meal every time. Leonard never understood why. Not until that story. Now it all made sense - the fast eating, the large orders, the lack of manners. He ate to live and he ate alone.

"Jesus kid, you ate well after you learned how to get by. You ought to be proud of yourself, not dipping your head like you’re ashamed. You’d better eat too. I don’t want to see any of this amazing food go to waste."

Jim peered up at him and blinked. Leonard smiled. Then Jim beamed at him and continued his absolutely atrocious eating habits. Suddenly, those habits didn’t matter.

Quick Mckirk idea: Whenever Jim has a really awful day, like terrible, like ‘fell in a mud puddle, was twenty minutes late for class, forgot there was an exam, hit his head on a low beam’ kind of awful day, he drags himself back to their dorm with the biggest case of ‘kicked puppy’ syndrome. He goes to Bones’ bed, shimmies under the covers, and wraps himself around the brunet, burying his face into Bones’ hair.

When Bones wakes and murmurs, ‘Tough day, darlin?’ and feels Jim nod, Bones tugs him closer and says, 'Some days you win, and some days it feels like you just lost the lot'.

Jim just presses his face into the crook of Bones’ neck, saying, ‘All I got left is my Bones’ into his skin, and Bones can’t help but give a small smile, grabbing Jim’s hand to twine their fingers together, whispering, ‘Always.’

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daily mckirk: the two dont exactly see eye to eye on everything, but most of the time they can come to an understanding.unless its breakfast. len isnt a morning person, but its ingrained in his system to eat breakfast. so he'll sit down with his black coffee and bowl of oatmeal and an apple, and jim will look at him with disgust over his giant mug of desert-flavoured tea. "how can you eat something that looks like snot?" "that much sugar is bad for you, you know."

And Len just rolls his eyes as Jim pointedly takes a sip of tea because they both know that for all they’re going to bitch at one another, they’ll never really change the others minds

every piece of me, every piece of you (that's how they make stars)

he’s not entirely sure how they got here, drunken conversational leaps being what they are, but as soon as the words ‘you wouldn’t last fifteen minutes in a real relationship’ fall out of his mouth he wants to take them back, because jim kirk is pathologically incapable of turning down a challenge, even an implied one, and the indignant gleam in his eye as he declares ‘would so’ in a more petulant tone than he maybe means to has only ever meant trouble, and despite himself bones is soon arguing with helping jim define the parameters of a real relationship (monogamy to start with) and how long it has to last for jim to win (at least a month) and what the prize is (to be determined) and then he flops back onto his back like ‘not that it matters since you won’t find anyone willing to play along’ and jim thinks for a minute like ‘gaila?’ ‘gaila cares even less about monogamy than you do. doomed from the start’ and jim goes quiet and is then a lot closer than he was before like ‘you, then’ ‘me?’ and he laughs like ‘kid if you’re trying to get in my pants-’ and jim scoffs like ‘please. like i have to try to get in your pants’ and he rolls over snug against bones’ side and sticks his hand down bones’ pants just to prove his point like ‘so you already know the sex is good and you can put up with me for long periods of time’ and he props his head up on bones’ shoulder and blinks at him, the very definition of puppydog eyes, and at some point between that and spilling over jim’s fist he hears himself agreeing to it and he more than half expects jim to forget or laugh it off in the morning but he doesn’t, instead he beams and declares ‘this is gonna be great, bones, you’ll see’ and the thing is that it is, jim is actually really good at the dating stuff, it’s not like the suddenly-exclusive-friends-with-benefits deal he would have expected, and he keeps having to remind himself that it’s not really, that jim is just trying to win a bet and doesn’t mean any of it, and what was previously a totally managable lowkey crush starts to get a little less managable and lowkey until it’s taken up permanent residence in his chest, and then the end of the month comes and he’s braced the entire day for jim to bring it up, to claim his winnings and be done with it, but the whole day goes by without any mention of it and when he brings bones to dinner at a restaraunt noticibly more upscale than their usual fare bones can’t do it anymore, the unmanagable thing in his chest splinters apart and he turns on his heel and walks out without a word and jim chases after him like ‘wait, bones, where are you doing?’ ‘home’ and jim finally gets him to stop walking like ‘but what about dinner?’ ‘what about it? you win either way’ ‘win?’ ‘the bet, jim. you win’ ‘oh’ ‘so what do you want?’ ‘to know why you’re being so weird’ and bones rolls his eyes like ‘as a prize, dumbass’ and jim frowns like ‘seriously, you’re being really weird’ ‘i just want this to be over with’ and jim looks hurt like ‘why?’ and bones sighs resignedly not even looking at him like ‘because i think i’m falling in love with you’ and jim blinks like ‘that’s what’s supposed to happen isn’t it?’ ‘in a real relationship!’ and jim frowns like ‘this is a real relationship, bones. that was the point, remember?’ and bones shakes his head like ‘real like it means something, jim. like you actually wanted to be in it’ ‘why would i spend all this time proving i could be in a relationship if i didn’t want to be in one?’ ‘uh, cos you’re pathologically incapable of turning down a challenge. c’mon, jim, just get on with it, okay? name your prize’ ‘bones, you are the prize’ and bones stares at him in disbelief because jim sounds so sincere but he isn’t making any sense and jim reaches out and takes his hand like ‘the bet was for at least a month, but i wasn’t planning on stopping. i don’t get why this is so difficult for you’ and bones shakes his head and tries to pull away but jim doesn’t let him like ‘i like this, okay? the relationship thing. with you, specifically. i want to keep doing it’ ‘for how long?’ and jim shrugs like ‘indefinitely?’ ‘other way, kid’ ‘oh’ and jim looks faintly embarrassed like ‘um. longer than a month’ and the sound that comes out of bones’ mouth is some hybrid of helpless laughter and exasperation like ‘you coulda said something. i thought, the whole month-’ ‘i’ll make it up to you’ jim promises running his thumb over bones’ knuckles like ‘come back inside, okay?’