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Show: Ever After High

Episode: Duchess Swan’s Lake

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Note: “Hexciting” means “Exciting”. “MirrorPad” is “iPad”. (And obviously not real in our world but, well)

Here is a photo of Blondie Lockes using my iPad that I forgot to share on my last week of community college,and she seems to be mystified by the size of my MirrorPad iPad.

If you remember I had a big semester send off post on the day of my graduation, those were taken the night I packed away all my dolls, but I also took a bunch of other photos because I had a plan to release a different picture or photo set a day during finals week, and lets just say finals week happened.

I think start releasing these photo this month at random.

A Place to Call Throne [4/???]

[Ao3 Chillin’ here]

Apple paced in front of her friends, who sat on her personalized chaise, heads buried in their technology.

She didn’t mind; She wanted to get her words in order before continuing.

Briar was reviewing and adjusting multiple party lists on her Mirrorpad; Now that the theme has basically been forced onto me, small adjustments are in order. I don’t want to adjust the color scheme too much.

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Cerise’s Signature Journal - Chapter 3

The door to my father Mr. Badwolf’s office was open, but inside looked empty. However there was the faint smell of porridge all over the room, "You can come out, Blondie."

With a CRASH, Blondie Lockes fell from behind the desk. True to her Goldilocks’ roots, Blondie always walks into places she doesn’t belong. "Just who I was looking for," she held her MirrorPad up, “Hex it out, my MirrorCast audience, Cerise Hood just walked into an empty teacher’s office! But not just any teacher… Mr. Badwolf! Say, Cerise, isn’t he Little Red Riding Hood’s villain?”

"MirrorCast? Villain? No! I mean, yes, but—"

"And you’re the next Red Riding Hood! So why are you here?”

"THAT’S WHAT I’D LIKE TO KNOW!" With a huff and a puff, the Big Bad Wolf blew Blondie’s interview down, "This is my private office! Leave… NOW.

"That sounds about just right," Blondie ran like she was being chased by three bears.

Before I could take one step, he growled, "Not so fast." He snatched my basket off my arm, “I’m confiscating this. You’ll get it back once I’ve made sure you don’t have something that belongs to me.

"Yes, sir." I walked out, relieved he got his two-way book without arousing suspicion.

That night, there was a knock at my door. When I opened it, there was my basket, with a note reading, "Sorry about earlier. You’re the best daughter ever after."

Here are the Ever After High Mirrorpads!  I was bored asked by a friend to make her some Mirrorpads for her Ever After High Dolls. These were drawn from references from the webisodes, and the search and find games on the website. (

Just cut out, glue to cardboard front and back and then clear packaging tape over the front, and your dolls ready for Class-ics (Puns, lol)

Follow My Froggy Stuff on Youtube- Tons of Doll crafts for you guys, and the ipad craft that was found here at the end of her video:

Blondie’s Signature Journal - Chapter 2

If Cerise planned to spoil the Legacy Day dance, Cedar was the first step in stopping her. That’s because Cedar’s the daughter of Pinocchio, but unlike her father, she can’t tell a lie… at least not until she graduates. I arrived in the Charmitorium at just the right time! There was an open chair right next to her. I fished through my bookpack for my MirrorPad and hit record. A good journalist knows to get every word, "Cedar, have you seen Cerise?"

"Yeah, earlier when she left Mr. Badwolf’s office for the village of Book End," then she suspiciously whittled, “Why do you want to know?”

"Oh, no reason." I secretly hexted Briar. If Cerise was at Book End, Briar would find out why. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like Briar skips school, but when adventure calls, she always answers. I had some investigating of my own to do. As if Cerise wasn’t mysterious enough, now she was sneaking out of the office of the Head of General Villainy. If she was plotting to ruin the Legacy Day dance, how did he fit in? I had to get a hexclusive interview with Mr. Badwolf.