anonymous said:

tattooed mckirk you say WELL I mean I hate to turn this into a MIRRORVERSE thing but imagining mirror Jim with constellations and galaxies inked onto his skin, connecting his scars like patchwork, and imagining mirror Bones with skeletal outlines on his hands, his arms, his chest, back, legs, and face, black ink curving on every inch of his skin, is a rad thing to think about

tattooed mirror mckirk is my fAVOURITE

because imagine jim looking like he’s space personified, galaxies and nebulae swooping beneath his ribs, indented with large scars that should seem grotesque but seem all the more terrifying and imagine how he has a black hole over his heart, because his entire being has ran out of fuel, collapsing in on itself under it’s own weight and he wants to show that to everybody, wants to show that he is monstrous, he is the craw of a crow in the night, the silence in the dark that makes people scream, he is a mangled body in a shallow grave that whence dug up will tear your throat out without remorse, he is everything people where warned to stay away from, he is danger, he is a creator and he so loves the taste of blood that mix with his galactic tattoos 


and imagine how bones skin feels so smooth beneath his own hands, the leash of a monster that keeps the blood lust just below jims skin, and he’ll trace the skeletal tattoos that render bones into a walking corpse because his breath is cold and tastes of death whenever jim licks at his lips and bones is cold and calculating, hiding it behind his warm exterior and and it’s only his tattoos that show who he really is, only hard bone exists beneath his flesh, he has no heart, he has no compassion. t

he only thing he loves is james t. kirk and they are monstrous together