Open up a small space with mirrored cabinets and a light white color palette.  Mirrors on furniture give your room a glamorous touch while also helping to bounce light around the room, making your space feel open and fresh.  Bonus?  Additional mirrors to help with your morning routine.  Now that’s mufti-functional design.  

(via We Heart It).

Your home office should be one that reflects your personal style and is a space that works hard but looks fantastic.Refreshing your home office can be as simple as adding drapes or as  dramatic as refinishing furniture. Use color that makes you feel confident and include plenty of storage to keep files and documents on-hand but out of sight.

quick d-i-y- vase tutorial: http://www.dartsmeetheart.com/peony-for-your-thoughts

inspired by M’s wedding, i took a piece of cream lace and wrapped it around an old vase for a quick d-i-y.  i’m not entirely sure when my love affair with peonies will end (much like my romance with mirrored furniture), but for now i will enjoy the romantic and powdery scent these stunning blossoms are imparting in my living room.  i love adding a little bit of glamour in every room at home.