Escribe unos versos pidiendo ayuda, que no los lee nadie. Pero que larga es la vida si es triste y no hay un hombro donde poder reposar la cabeza, que siempre te ahogas en el mismo mar de tristeza.
—  Miriam

Been watching Prince of Egypt again (guess why), and something occured to me. I think that Aaron not only does not expect Moses to come back, he doesn’t believe that Moses is alive.

Assuming that he is a few years younger than Miriam, Aaron may have no memory of Moses’ birth. As a small boy he would hardly have been included in birthing and its aftermath.

And he would have grown up in a community scarred and traumatized by the murder of its sons. He would have known that Yocheved had another child, a boy, and that that child was not part of their family. 

His mother and sister told him that his little brother was not killed, that they put him in the Nile, and a princess took him and raised him as her son.

I wonder how old he was before he realized that this story wasn’t real, that it was a way of not telling him his baby brother had been murdered.

And suddenly there is this man, and he has Abba’s nose, and his hair curls like Miriam’s, and he doesn’t speak Hebrew, and God talks to him.