this troyler fanfic is for my secret santa-elf  <3 pls follow her shes such a sunshine *-* 

k, here’s your christmas gift: [[this is my first ever fanfic pls dont hate, furthermore english isnt my first language pls ignore mistakes  dont be the grammar police thnks]]



„You are joking Ty!”

“I’m truly not”

“Okay, wait a second” I said and hung up.

As soon as I ended the phone call tears were streaming down my face. I didn’t want Tyler to hear me cry. I was sitting on my bed not believing was Tyler was trying to tell me. Tylers flight got delayed. We wanted to spend Christmas together – for the first time as official boyfriends. Well, maybe not that official except for my brother Tyde, Zoe and Alfie nobody did know. The plan was that Tyler would fly from America over to me to Australia where we would be celebrating Christmas at my place, because my family wasn’t going to be there until December 31th. After I calmed myself a tiny bit I phoned Tyler again.


Being in an airport toilet, trying my best not to cry and waiting for my boyfriend to ring me back isn’t clearly not one of my favourite things to do. I couldn’t believe my ears when I got told that the plane was overbooked and I’d have to stay on the ground until December 27th. The fact that they hadn’t got a seat for me I didn’t tell Troye I really didn’t want to upset him even further. I had no clue when Troye was going to phone me back but his voice had been really cracked and shaky and the kind of I’m-trying-my-best-to-hold-in-my-tears-voice. He is so cute and sweet and just how he knows that I would burst out into tears if I heard him cry. I put myself sort of together and stepped out of the toilet making my way to another place where I could be alone and talk to Troye.


“Hi babe everything’s gonna be alright !!” Tyler answered the phone. This was too much for my heart I broke out into tears – for the second time.

“Troye, honey – Don’t cry, listen here, I love you, I genuinely am in love with you and even if we don’t see each other in real life we try to make the best out of this shitty situation!! There’s still Skype and I will be in your arms by December 27Th!1!! It is going to be such a wonderful Christmas! Believe me!!”

Wow – Tylers enthusiasm made me mood light a bit up.

“Okay Ty. If you say so, then it will be like this. I love you so much”

“I love you more, Troye but I need to hang up now – some airport staff wants to talk with me – I love you my little sunshine, good bye”

After he had hung up I realised that I’ve never loved someone as much as I love him.


“Excuse me Sir, but are you Mr Tyler Oakley?!” said the big airport security guy.

“Uhm… Yes I am?” Was all I could answer.

“Yes please come with me to my office we’ve got to get through some papers.”

“What for?”

“Well everything needs to be documented and if you are not flying with the plane that sets off in exactly .. one and a half hours … then this needs to get reported. Please follow me, Sir”

 His office was really big but he shared it with three other officers – He was determined to report the people like me who didn’t get their seats when the plane is overfilled, the other guy worked on cases where people aren’t able to fly with their flight they’ve booked and the last one was just here to organise the lost & found section. Beside me there only were two more people in the room – a mother with a teenage daughter. The daughter was looking at me really surprised – I couldn’t tell if she recognised me or was just amazed by my blue hair. Both of them were sitting the table of the i-cant-fly-with-my-plane-officer-table but the guy wasn’t there. The girl then walked over to me slightly shy and extremely nervous and asked me “ex-excuse me but do you know Tyler Oakley?”

“Ah yes I know him..?”

“Oh because you look exact like him!!”

“Well maybe because I am Tyler Oakley :D” Talking to fans always makes me forget my problems for a second.

The girl got wide eyes and asked for a picture and an autograph. Of course I’ve given her both. After the guards both didn’t return for around 10-15 minutes we started to chat a bit. She told me that her brother was at his girlfriend’s house and probably couldn’t make it to the airport in time. I told them that my seat was booked over and that I had to stay on the ground until December 27th. The girl looked at her mum and then back to me.

“Well-uhm-mum what if we could give Tyler your plane ticket … so that you fly with the plane on December 27Th together with my brother and I fly today with Tyler alone to Grandma?”

The mother looked shocked but after a while she agreed. I couldn’t believe my luck. I got onto the plane in a tremendous rush so I didn’t even had the chance to phone Troye to tell him our Christmas miracle. After the flight I got a taxi and drove straight to Troye’s house where I’ve already been a couple of times. It was 2 AM in the morning, December 25th. I ringed the doorbell – and after the longest 2 minutes of my life – my sunshine Troye answered the door.


“Oh my —“

Tyler didn’t let me finish my sentence and kissed me the most wonderful time he has ever done. I don’t know how he even got here but that didn’t matter right now – I pulled him into the house and onto the sofa and hugged and kissed him over and over again.

 After 30 minutes intense gay actions Tyler finally said something “Troye I wish you a merry christmas I love you to the mooooooon and back”

Needless to say – this was the best Christmas I’ve had in my entire lifetime. 


"All As One" by Miracle Of Sound