anonymous asked:

Who are your fave youtube channels/youtubers? x

okok lately my absolute fave has been glam&gore but i also love dan howell, shani grimmond, nigahiga, cartia mallen, kandee johnson miranda sings, gary the goat (my spirit animal) chloe szepanowski, bunny meyer nd heaps of others that i cant think of rn yay


I am loving the way Miranda is exploding all over my dash lately. A few people I follow, most notably lizzymaxia and letseyx, started spamming it a few weeks ago and finally I just had to check it out and I mainlined the whole series in a couple days and I ADORE IT.

I’m glad people are appreciating all my Miranda reblogging. At some point I ought to find/make some caps so I can make my own spams. For now, however, I WILL REBLOG ALL THE THINGS.


mirandasings08 performing Gangnam Style