Just received the recent issue of the American Bonsai Society Journal, a commemorative tribute to John Naka. Where would American bonsai be without such an amazing trailblazer? This tree, initially created by John in the 1960s, was given to me by a dear friend in 2010 as a gift for completing my six-year apprenticeship in Japan. It is an honor to be entrusted with one of John’s fabulous California Junipers, and a thrill to carry his legacy forward with our visionary work here at Mirai. RN #americanbonsai #miraistyle #johnnaka

Annealed copper wire. The brush for the paint. As a bonsai artist, wire allows me to organize branches on a tree to create something truly beautiful. I use wire as a tool to apply my vision for the tree to the blank canvas of its branches. RN Photo by @fr1tz and @jeremy_omfgco #miraistyle #americanbonsai