A year ago today we went to the hospital worried we were losing our baby and instead we got to hear the most amazing sound, our little ones heartbeat and see the little tiny speck that was our baby. Looking back at this picture in comparison to today’s photo of him it’s so hard to believe this can be accomplished in only a year. The human body is truly a marvel and miraculous thing. I am so blessed that the blob on an ultrasound transformed into this beautiful, healthy little boy in front of me today. He is a living, breathing miracle ♡

Kelly Clarkson’s Miracle on Broadway - Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital

I’m supposed to be studying for finals and instead I made a Destiel thing whoops

The song is “Miracle” by Shinedown and I’m like 98% sure they wrote it for these two ‘cause it’s perfect



He is not a fucking miracle. Stop waiting for him to happen. He is not going to change just because you write him down in poetry. Maybe he is another language you haven’t heard about, and you’ve tried to let him play on your tongue but he leaves you with un ugly scar and the taste of loneliness for you to vomit it. And maybe he loves you but he is not your fucking miracle. Do not waste your time praying to God cause he is not the lightning that will hit you in the middle of the night when you crave his hands around your hips. You want him so bad but he is not your fucking miracle.

Miracles do not happen for boys like him.

—  She Slapped Me And Said: He’s Not A Fucking Miracle by Royla Asghar