Victor Victrola. Chairleaders, tomorrow Monday February 27 we are going back to the very beginning. Please, in whatever capacity you may, whether it be reblogging this post to spread awareness or making your own poster, or joining us on twitter. Please remember Victor Victrola.  join us on twitter 7:45 EST to help us trend worldwide. No hashtags, no retweets unless you copy and paste (RT). Also important note: do not name Gossip Girl or other ships in your tweets. This is not about Gossip Girl. This is about Chuck and Blair. For help or additional information, see savechuckandblair|tumblr or @savechuckblair. I hope you can join us and make Chair proud like we have in the past few weeks. This is helping unite our fandom and staying strong given the current direction of the show.


Danielle. you sweet sweet person. you’ve been such a nice and kind friend to me especially in this fandom. you’re always interested in having discussions with me plus you always compliment me on my edits. i appreciate all the nice things you do. and you know i love you sweetheart. so i wish the best for you in this upcoming year and beyond.