We would like to thank all those who have shared these thirteen years of joy and sorrow, madness and concentration with us: All the bands with whom we have played and by whom we have been inspired and influenced, all our friends with whom we have mourned and feasted, the loved ones, the hated ones, all the labels and magazines and venues and websites and radio and TV shows that have showcased us and worked with us, all the people on our forum at Hellride Music for creating a wholly unusual phenomenon and a small society, and all the rest of you who have listen to our music in your rotten caves and have come to see us play our fucked up gigs. Special salutes to those who were there to witness the final date. That night, something from beyond was present, and the memory of those moments remains forever, and you are all kept in our hearts until the dying day. Now our Mission is over, but hopefully the music lives on and other bands keep Doom Metal pure and strong. Take care and total control!

A deepest bow to the bands, past and present, who showed us the way. We never did anything but walked in the footsteps of those who were before us, and with us. We may have gone astray at times, blindly swerving from the path, but we always returned and saw the light in the distance. Four lads in Aston, Birmingham, UK, started it all. How little they knew about the enormous effect their creation would have on this world. Eternal hails to our Brothers and Friends of Hell: Minotauri (1995-2007, R.I.P. - there is an end for everything, but the music and legacy lives on) and Spiritus Mortis (live long and stay heavy).

All the pure ones: Live with extreme passion, and die before the flame weakens. Cherish the ways of old. Worship the heavy and fat pussyhungry and cockthirsty riffs. Gaze clearly at the strange horizon, and keep the doorway always open. Eternal hails to our sisters and brothers. We love you now and forever. Hail Death! Hail Doom! Hail Jesus! To those who thought it could never happen: Fuck you!

We encourage all you pure-hearted out there to become tools of flesh in the effort to cleanse this world of human waste. Know this: when you listen to our music inside your comfortable prison cells, you are within our hearts, and our spirits are with you, and one day the gates will be opened, and you will walk to freedom as heroes of the Mission.

Death to blasphemers and posers. Death to artificial false “doom”. To gain purity sometimes demands extreme physical actions. We thus offer the spiritual tools of voluntary death for those who are unable to reach the light by themselves. The way of clearance can be found within this opus. DIE DIE DIE!

Our consultations to the Fuller family.

—  Reverend Bizarre’s final message

Minotauri - Singing in the Grave

Fans of Reverend Bizarre, take note. Very similar sense of humor.


Minotauri - Singing in the Grave

Saint Vitus and Trouble, Witchfinder General,
Count Raven, The Obsessed and Pentagram,
Solitude Aeturnus and Candlemass,
Penance, Revelation, Solstice and Iron Man,
Mirror of Deception and Pagan Altar,
Cirith Ungol, Exitus and Scald,
Internal Void, Paul Chain and Warning,
Unorthodox, Cathedral and Cold Mourning.

While Heaven Wept and Minotauri,
Dawn of Winter, Spiritus Mortis,
Electric Wizard, Confessor, Stillborn,
Solomon Kane, Orodruin and Mourn.

We kneel at your altar, we bless thy holy names.
You gave Doom to men, we try to do the same.
But there is one, who is above you:
eternally hailed Goddess of Doom.

Hail to the Goddess, the Goddess of Doom,
who tunes our instruments with darkness and gloom.
The one who does not offer salvation or peace,
but fulfils our minds with luxurious disease.

Hail to the Goddess, the Goddess of Doom,
who tunes our instruments with darkness and gloom.
Hail to the Goddess, the Goddess of Doom.
In the depths of darkness evil flowers bloom.

Hail to the Goddess, the Goddess of Doom!

—  Reverend Bizarre’s “The Goddess of Doom”
I Fuochi di Nerath

La storia fin’ora

Il mondo di Iomandra venne creato da Io, Dio Padre dei Draghi.

Per liberare la sua creazione dall’influsso del Reame Lontano Io si allontanò dal mondo e lo consegnò ai suoi figli, Bahamut e Tiamat.

Per migliaia di anni i draghi regnarono supremi, grazie anche al poderoso impero di Arkhosia. Ma tremila anni fa gli Umani, donando l’anima ai diavoli, crearono una razza in grado di contrastare i draghi, i tiefling. Guidati da questa nuova nobiltà fondarono l’impero di Bael Turath.

Arkhosia e Bael Turath si scontrarono fino alla completa e reciproca distruzione. Ma il dominio dei draghi era ormai finito.

Imperi Umani, Elfi, Drow, Minotauri si avvicendarono nel mondo.

L’ultimo di questi Imperi è stato quello di Nerath, un nobile impero Umano caduto un secolo fa dopo l’invasione dagli Gnoll del Signore delle Rovine e altri eserciti di non umani. Nella Valle di Nentir, luogo di origine dei PG, restano ancora vive le tracce dell’Impero, dalle strade alle fortezze.

In particolare mantengono vive le tradizioni di Nerath l’Ultima Legione, i Maghi della Fiamma d’Argento e il culto della Dea della Civiltà Erathis.

I personaggi nel corso delle loro avventure scoprono che un regno del sud, noto come il Cerchio di Ferro, cerca lentamente di conquistare l’intero continente e di portarlo al culto di Ashmadai.

Dopo averlo sconfitto ripetutamente, scoprono che il culto di Ashmadai non è altro che una copertura per Vlaakith, la Regina-Lich dei Githyanki, che sembra intenzionata a invadere con tutte le sue truppe Iomandra.

La miglior difesa è l’attacco, così i personaggi si alleano con una fazione ribelle di Githyanki e assalgono Vlaakith direttamente nel Mare Astrale.

Prima spezzano il millenario patto tra i Githyanki e Ephelomon, poi uccidono la Regina Lich, sincerandosi che non possa mai tornare in vita.

Le avventure giocate

Ben quattro delle avventure utilizzate per la campagna sono nella mia personale classifica delle 10 migliori avventure per D&D di tutti i tempi.

Kobold Manor - 4e 
Secret of the TowersAD&D
    Shrine to Ilsindhaur - AD&D
    Encounter in the Wildwood - 4e
    Wreck of the Shining Star -  AD&D
The Slaying Stone - 4e
Reavers of Harkenwold - 4e
    Remains of an Empire - 4e
    Gardmore Abbey (encounter) - 4e
To Bite the MoonAD&D
    The Ravine - 4e
House of Cards (with Gardmore Abbey Deck of Many Things) - AD&D
Into the Silver Realm - AD&D
Haven of the Bitter Glass (How to Build an Alliance) - 4e
The Witch-Queen’s Beloved (in contemporanea i seguaci Eye on the Ball) - 3.5