Highlights of 2011:

All the amazing albums that came out, such as:

Dirty Work


Sinners Never Sleep (Although it hasn’t been released in the U.S. until January)

Charlie (I’m sorry, ever since The Maine exposed Austin Gibbs, I had to get me some of that mustache.)

On Oct. 27th, I got to see He Is We, The Ready Set and All Time Low live. If you haven’t ever gone to an All Time Low concert yet, I suggest you do because you will not stop dancing or laughing at their stupidity. I’m pretty sure the best thing Alex said all night was,

"Have you all ever felt like there was a booger in your nose and you kind of know it’s there, yet no one will tell you. Just raise your fucking hand and if you don’t, I’ll know you’re lying. I’ve felt like I had a booger in my nose all day, man."

And then Jack began to unbutton his pants, asking if he could clean Alex’s nose out with his dick. Funny stuff.

And at the end of the night, I met Deryck Stanek from The Ready Set. He’s very good looking in person and he smells good. Nothing better than a guy who actually smells good after about an hour off stage. Very cool and funny dude all around, though.

And on Nov. 4th, I saw The Maine live (for the first time ever.) I saw that they were here in like, 2008 and I had no clue about it and I threw a bitch fit when I got home but still.. They were so perfect.

Garrett broke his bass string and the way he ran back onto stage just made me laugh. I don’t know why.. Maybe I’m just weird.

Since I was standing where the bands were just piling in, I heard the We Like To Party chant and was humming along to it until Pat went crazy and started jumping around. That’s when I just stared at his shadow in the curtain like he was crazy.. Such an odd human being.

At the end of their set, I got to meet John and Matt Nasty, which were both kind and genuine. I still find it surreal that I even saw The Maine and got to touch John O’Callaghan… (No judging.) I explained to him that I had been a fan for three or four years now and John seemed enthusiastic about it. (Of course he was enthusiastic about it though, I was supporting their music thoroughly and buying their records like I should.)

And then we took a picture and when he had to shrink down, I felt extremely short. I apologized for it and all he said was, “I’m too tall!” ._.

And those are my highlights. (So far.)