anonymous said:

que tipo de musica te gusta? siempre he imaginado que te gusta lana del rey?

Me gusta mucho Lana del Rey :)! Pero me gustan varios géneros, me encanta la música electronica, desde el house, el minnimal hasta EBM; el indie folk es probablemente lo que más escucho, y hasta hip hop comercial. Este es mi playlist más escuchado: *en grooveshark*.

Today, one of my 3 year olds, who is usually quiet and will only communicate minnimally, walked up to me and showed me something he built with the star blocks.

"It’s a wand!" he says quietly.

"Ooooh!" I replied, "That’s awesome! Is it a magic wand?"

"Uh-huh!" he says with a big smile.

I gasped, “does that make you a wizard??”

His smile broadened and he nodded.

It’s these types of moments that I live for as a teacher: moments where kids come out of their shells and express their creative sides.  Moments when students who are quiet and insecure or slow start to show better communication skills and volunteer opportunities for positive connection~~