things i love meme!!

tagged by: endless-december

one song: Hungry Eyes from Dirty Dancing.

two movies: The Little Mermaid & The Rocky Horror Picture Show

three tv shows: Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Veronica Mars (and Glee)

four characters: Piper Halliwell, Willow Rosenberg, Veronica Mars & Klaine (I know that’s cheating but I don’t care)

five foods: Béarnaise sauce, Fries, Chicken, Stake & Pancakes

six people to tag: minniewhopqwertyfoxthe-powerofthree, spreadmelikenutellalilgingers & Everyone :)

minniewhop asked:

YES I'm spam reblogging you! Bless you for making Doom 3 and Quake 4 gifs *cries of happiness*

Thanks! Based on your blog I think you might also dig my Bioshock gifs - go ahead and look at my “about me” page for a list of series I’ve done! Click “What’s the Big Deal?”, right under Li.