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Ed Sheeran singing “The Man” for the first time live at Target Center in Minneapolis, MN 9/15/14!! He tells the story of the song at the beginning and gets a little annoyed with fans, but the song is so good live :) 

Minnesota Visit (Requested)

Requested by:  lizzylovesconnorfranta


    “Connor, why can’t we just meet your parents at their house like any normal person would?” you say as you cuddle up closer to Connor in the car because it’s so cold.

     He cuddles even closer. “Babe, I don’t if you’ve realized this yet, but we aren’t normal people.”

    You giggle.

    “Besides, snowboarding is fun, and my family loves it. Trust me, you’ll like it.”

     ”Connor, I don’t even know how to skateboard on land! Let alone on ice! I’m probably going to embarrass myself in front of your whole family! They are going to think I’m weird!”

     Then he whispers, “Don’t worry. You are my girlfriend. There is no doubt in my mind that they won’t like you for you.”


    It doesn’t take long for the cab driver to get to the snowboarding place. You and Connor get out of the car, and it’s even colder. There’s snow, everywhere. You love the snow, but seeing so much now, not so much. “Connor, it’s so cold,” you whine as you guys enter through the front door.

   ”Come on, it’s not even that cold,” he brags.

    “Yeah, for someone who has lived here for years! I’m a California girl! I’m going to die from hyperthermia!”

    Connor pays for the snowboard rentals and then you guys start to walk to the door that leads to the snow mountains. “Oh calm down babe. I’ll be here to keep you warm.” Then he puts his arm around you and you feel a little warmth from his thick jacket. “Okay, now we have to find my fam-“

    You both see that in front you there’s a few people sitting at a picnic bench, waving to you and Connor. Yup, it’s his family. You recognize every single one of them from pictures. “I’m nervous,” you say as you both start walking towards them.

    “I’ll be right here,” he reassures you.

    You take in a long breath and let out an even longer one. You can do this. “Connor!” Connor’s mom says cheerfully. She hugs him tight, Connor having to bend down a little because she’s so short.

    “Hi Mom,” he says back, “I’ve missed you.”

    “You have to visit more often! You look so different and so tall,” she says when they pull away.

    Then Connor goes over and hugs his dad. “Welcome back son. Ready to go boarding again?”

   Connor smiles as he answers, “You mean lasting longer on the board before one of us falls, which is always you? Yeah I’m ready.” Him and his dad laugh together.

    Then Connor greets his three siblings: Nicola, Dustin, and Brandon. You can’t help but smile at how happy Connor looks reuniting with his family. They tease each other and they all burst out laughing.

    Now it’s time for you to meet the family. “Guys,” Connor starts as he motions everyone to look at you, “This is (Y/N).”

    You smile, hoping to make a good first impression. Connor’s mom walks up to you first and puts her hand out. As you shake hands she says, “It’s nice to meet you (Y/N). Me and Connor talk on the phone everyday, and I don’t remember a phone call when he didn’t mention you.”

    You laugh as you look at Connor and his face turns a little pink. “Mom!”

    “Oh, sorry. I wasn’t suppose to mention that,” she says as she is still laughing too.

    So far so good. At least his mom likes you. Then you shake hands with his dad. “Have you ever gone snowboarding before?” He asks.

    “No,” you answer, “not really.”

    “Then don’t worry about it. All of can help be a pro in no time.”

    “Dad,” Nicola butts in, “You can even go down the kiddie hill without falling off.”

    You can’t help but smile at her remark. Then you shake hands with each one of Connor’s siblings. When you shook hands with Nicola, she told you that Connor once cried when he was little and fell down the mountain, which made Connor feel even more embarrassed, but you just thought it was cute. Both Dustin and Brandon greeted you kindly and told you how if you are really going to be part of this family, you will be a natural.

    “Well then let’s get boarding!” Connor exclaims. Then everyone grabs their board and head towards the ski lift. Connor’s parents get on together, Nicola gets on with Brandon, and Dustin goes alone. Connor shows you how to get on, which doesn’t look too easy. He lets you go first so he can follow. You keep your eyes on the next one coming, and with just a little struggle, you are on. Connor gets on right behind you, and now it’s just going up.

    You look around as you guys just go high and higher, everything looking better from this view. You look down and you see snowboarders constantly going down. You even see a few who fall, making you feel relieved so just in case you do fall, which you probably will, you won’t be alone.

    Once you guys get close to the top, Connor tells you that he will get off first and you will follow right after. He waits, and then jumps off. You don’t hesitate a moment after him, and you are good. You and Connor now are back with his family. Everyone is getting ready with their boards. “Okay,” he starts to show you, “Now let me just show you how to get on your board.” You watch as he gets on his own. You try to do what he does, and your feet are strapped on tight. As you stand, it’s a little hard to keep your balance. You try to stay up, but you start to lean forward. Connor catches you though, pulling you back up. “Don’t fall just yet! You’re not even moving!” He laughs.

    This is a lot harder than you thought it was going to be. “Hey, this is my first time on a board.”

    You turn around when you hear Brandon say, “Yeah Connor, you shouldn’t be talking. You couldn’t even get your feet into the board on your first time.” The bickering between Connor and his sibling just keeps getting funnier.

    “Whatever. Anyways, just try to keep yourself balanced as you go down.” Then he goes on and on about how to speed up, how to slow down, and how to stop. You think you have it all and everyone is ready.

    You, along with everyone else, line up. “Ready!” Connor yells. “Go!” Then you hop forward just enough to get on the curb that goes down. At first it starts off slow, but then, you quickly gain speed. You didn’t expect to start so quickly, so you can’t hold you balance. You start falling back, but you feel someone catch you. You turn around to see that Dustin caught you. “Don’t worry. I got you.” He helps you up and you are balanced again, and a little embarrassed. “Just hold your arms out like this.” You follow his example, and you start going down again.

    His advice helped, and you have more control now. You are now boarding behind Dustin until he picks up more speed and moves ahead. So far so good, until you see a figure in front of you fall. When you notice that it’s Connor, you are about to start laughing but you notice Connor is right on your path. You start panicking, and you try to stop. You struggle too much and you fall on the ground, landing right next to Connor. You both look at each other, laughing out loud so much.

    Connor gets himself to his feet first, and he helps you up. “This is a lot harder than it looks,” you admit.

    “You’re telling me. I’ve been doing this for years and I still can’t get through a mountain without falling at some point.”

    You and Connor’s family spend the rest of the day snowboarding. You actually got the hang of it by the end. You were able to go down the small mountain with Connor without falling.

    But now, everyone is tired. You guys retreat back down the mountain and turn everything in. Finally out of the snowboarding place, you guys stop just by Connor’s family’s car. “So how did you like your first time snowboarding (Y/N),” Nicola asks you.

    “it was actually really fun,” you answer, “despite all the bruises I’m going to get later on from falling.”

    Everyone laughs at your little joke. Then Connor’s mom says, “Well we are all glad you had fun. This is just a family thing we do, and we are happy you joined along since you are now officially part of this family.”

    That makes your heart feel warm. You feel so involved and love to be apart of something. “Thank you. I like to be apart of this family that likes to do fun stuff like this together.”

    “Well well meet you guys at home. There you guys can get settled in,” Connor’s dad says.

    “Okay. We’ll see you guys back home.” Connor says. Then his family packs into the car and drive away. Connor turns to you. “See, I told you my family liked you.”

   As you smile you admit, “Ya, I guess I worried about nothing. You family seems really fun.”

    “Just wait for tomorrow. You’re gonna love what I have planned.”

You yawn. “Okay, but can we go back to your house? I’m really tired.”

   He embraces you into a hug. “Okay babe. You finally get to see my room. And we don’t have a guest room, so you get to sleep in there with me too.”

Ghostly Groundskeeper Photographed in Minnesota?

This photo was captured in Afton, Minnesota, and it shows a mysterious, ghostly figure standing near a roadway. The figure is believed to be the spirit of a groundskeeper who was struck and killed by a drunk driver a year before this picture was taken.

The figure definitely looks like a ghost and not like a person pretending to be a spirit. If it really is the victim of a drunk driver, then it’s possible that their ghost is haunting the sight of their death. It’s believed that the ghosts of those who die in horrible situations will often haunt the area where they died. However, I question the authenticity of this photo. The figure slightly blurrier than the rest of the photo, and it almost looks as though it could’ve been edited into the photo. Personally, my gut is telling me that the image was Photoshopped, and someone created a tragic, made-up story as to who the ghost was. That’s just my opinion, and I’d like to hear what you have to say about this picture. Do you think it shows a real ghost? Or is this just a hoax?


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Last #winter was fun using the #frozen #MississippiRiver as a #snowboarding landing. This #photo was taken by RYANTAYLORVISUAL.COM while on a #filming trip in #Minnesota with ARBOR SNOWBOARDS for a #PostcardSeriesV2 episode. For shot leaks for the web series watch my Full Part 4 presented by #ArborSnowboards on Snowboarder Magazine at the link below:

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Photos: US Representative Michele Bachmann In Haiti

Photos: US Representative Michele Bachmann In Haiti

Courtesy of Michele Bachmann Facebook

Last month, Minnesota, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann traveled to Haiti with the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute to visit local orphanages and hold meetings on child welfare and adoption. Earlier today she was a guest on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family show and according to the show,

Rep. Bachmann discusses the heart breaking conditions facing…

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