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DOG LOOKING FOR A HOME AFTER THREE YEARS IN A SHELTER - “Barbie waited almost 3 years in a shelter in Detroit Lakes, MN before she was able to find a rescue!”

A dog named Barbie was picked up off the streets of Frazee, Minnesota approximately three years ago. She was taken in by The Marshmallow Foundation and spent almost three years at their shelter. Recently, an organization called Ruff Start Rescue arranged for Barbie to be placed with a foster family. Barbie, believed to be a Labrador and “Pit Bull” mix, is now waiting for someone to adopt her. Read more from The Chippewa Herald:

Even though Barbie’s bio was posted on, among other places, no one was applying to adopt her.

“If we have a Golden Retriever, people go nuts,” says Susan Krokan, the foundation executive director.

“A pit bull? Not so much.”

Haywood, who manages the foundation’s online presence, decided to change their tactics earlier this year.

“We needed to reach out to the rescue community,” Haywood says. “We needed to ask for help.”

She found that help on Facebook.

Haywood, a professional dog walker and dog sitter who now lives in Chanhassen, started a Team Barbie page on Facebook in May to share the dog’s plight.


Barbie was let out of her cage, finally, on Sept. 26. Her destination: Doggie boot camp.

Missi Roland operates Fur Real Canine Spa & Stay, a full-service dog facility in a country setting in West Concord, about an hour south of St. Paul. Roland’s firm but loving presence and her bucolic farm setting was just what Barbie needed.

“She’s doing great,” Roland said last month by phone. “She just got back from her afternoon walk. She loves being outside. She’d be outside all day if she could.”

It was clear almost immediately, Roland said, that Barbie was not irreparably harmed by her 1,000 days behind bars.

“Twenty-three hours in a cage can ruin the best dog,” Roland says. “Fortunately, it didn’t ruin Barbie. It didn’t take her long to come out of her shell.”


At press time, Barbie had not yet found her forever home — but she will stay with the Rassets at their home in Becker until she is adopted. Living with a real family in a real home is much better than a kennel. The Rassets and their 6-year-old son find Barbie’s company enjoyable.

Please share, especially if you are in Minnesota, so Barbie can find a family soon. Click here for the full story, here for more about Ruff Start Rescue, and here for information about The Marshmallow Foundation. (Photo from the Team Barbie Facebook page)