18 year old Tania Harris was shot twice by police in Robbinsdale, MN yesterday. Police were called to the scene to protect her from a potential fight and are claiming she had a knife but her mother and witnesses are saying that her mother had taken the knife from her before police shot her.

Tania was cuffed and put in the back of the squad car after being shot.

She survived the shooting and is in stable condition.

The local activists are already planning actions around supporting her.

Police officers in Minneapolis will be patrolling the streets with healthy foods to give to those in need this summer

Besides their standard tools, Hennepin County sheriff’s deputies patrolling the streets of downtown Minneapolis this summer will be packing a box filled with oatmeal and other healthy foods.

The deputies are part of a new program run by the nonprofit group Matter. It’s designed to fill some gaps in the food system and get nutritious food into the hands of those who need it but may not have access to food assistance or food banks.

Patrol vehicles will be loaded with bright orange boxes filled with granola bars or canned vegetables. Sheriff Rich Stanek said it’s a way for officers to immediately help people they come into contact with.

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