Minnesotans, this is happening tomorrow. Sorry for the late notice but if you can make it, come out. We need to show support for our black women & this is a way to honor their lives. A similar event like this happened in St Louis today & hardly any men showed up, that is unacceptable. Men, y’all gotta show up like y’all would for a vigil for black men. Black women are just as important & they are not free from police violence either. 

18 local artists have recently come together to release a series of largely a capella songs to fight sex trafficking in Minnesota. A fundraising effort by the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota, this project includes a CD and a release show at Bedlam Lowertown on May 10.

The release show will feature artists including the Ericksons, We Are the Willows, John Hermanson, and the Prairie Fire Lady Choir; the album additionally includes contributions from artists including Dessa, Haley Bonar, Holly Hansen (Zoo Animal), and Charlie Parr among many others.

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Couscous Fritters

Recently, I re-read Charles Duhigg‘s The Power of Habit and it was an inspiring refresher on why we do the things that we do. We get into a certain routine and it’s hard to break out of it when it feels so…intuitive. Food habits, especially what we eat and the way we eat it, is a good example of that.

As much as I enjoy couscous, all I ever seem to do with them is put them in salads and bowls. I decided to turn couscous into fritters for a different texture, a crispy “rustic” treatment.

These couscous fritters go really well with a spicy carrot dip or a spinach-garlic yogurt dip. I’ve gotta admit, I secretly like it with ranch dressing. Yeah, that’s right – RANCH. I mean, that’s just how we do things in MN. Everything seems to be ranched. Ranch on this, ranch on that, ranch everywhere. I’m surprised it doesn’t rain ranch here.

These fritters are great snacks, but I can also imagine myself frying a couple of these suckers for brunch. It would go well with poached eggs. Oh! What if you waffled it!? Or maybe you could make tiny couscous sandwiches by putting a fried quail egg between two fritters? Baby burgers! So many ideas.

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Wild clinch series over Blues at home, to face Blackhawks

More than 19,000 fans stood and waved white towels above their head at Xcel Energy Center, celebrating history as the Minnesota Wild and St. Louis Blues shook hands at center ice, the familiar scene that marked a happy end to a back-and-forth playoff series for the fans in St. Paul.

For the first time in franchise history, the Wild sealed a playoff series on home ice, dispatching the Central Division champion Blues with a 4-1 win in Game 6 of their best-of-seven opening round series.

Hey you guys, a friend of mine, Abbey, who recently moved to Minnesota is missing. If you guys could give this a signal boost, hopefully we will get some information as to where she is.
She went missing April 24, 2015.
She’s is such an amazing and sweet girl and I’m really hoping you guys can help out.
There’s a description of her in the picture.
If anyone has seen her, please contact the Stillwater Police Department.

Milestones and Epitaphs

Im scracthing at the surface of the sun while meditating on the thought that “Love is One”, but love doesn’t always win, sometimes love is war no matter where you begin.
I’ve only begun to feel out this skin.
Even the slowest burning fires could swollow the ocean, heart as hard as a diamond can still be broken.
I think i got out all the cliché metaphors i could use, now im on to other figures of speach i could abuse.
I found my muse but im missing some bolts, i love Minnesota but i cant stand the cold.
I still call this place home.