By the way, I made it to Minnesota!

Such a busy day. 7am-1pm was spent getting here, then I went to MOA with one of my friends, then I had a coffee date with another friend, and then I had dinner with my family before heading out to get a wedding gift finally. I’m happy to say that I found the perfect things! I’m honestly jealous. Now I’m working on a case study that is due tomorrow and my mom is painting my toes. She also waxed my eyebrows for me. 

I’m so sleepy. Like ridiculously. Almost 12k fitbit steps and 56 active minutes isn’t too shabby though. I don’t even want to think about how busy this weekend is going to be.


The Minnesota State Fair’s political booths were in full swing Wednesday, with the November election just over two months away and the governor’s race, a U.S. Senate seat, all eight congressional seats and the entire state House all up for grabs.

It makes the State Fair a must-do event for campaigners looking for face time. 

Read Joe Kimball’s Qs&As of political-booth workers here ->


Here’s a video from last night
(Be careful there’s some screaming)