Petition for Minneapolis PD to track stop-and-frisk statistics

Hey if you’re in Minneapolis, or maybe even if you’re not bc external scrutiny is super important, pls sign this petition from Neighborhoods Organizing for Change.

Minneapolis is one of the worst cities in the country for racial disparities in policing, but you don’t hear a lot about it presumably bc we’re in the ~enlightened North~ or s/t. Having statistics on how bad the cops are on the regular will help us be able to call attention to police abuses.


I was really obsessed with a band called Babes in Toyland—they were a popular female punk rock trio. I was like ‘I am Babes’ number one fan, I understand them in a way that no one else does, I’m going to write about them.’ So I called this paper [and left] a message saying ‘Hi, I want to write about Babes in Toyland. Please call me back.’ They called me back and they’re like, ‘How old are you?’ and I was like ‘I am 16,’ and they’re like ‘Have you written before?’ and I was like ‘No.’ But I had the fire of conviction, like why should that stop me?
—  Jessica Hopper on her early days as a music writer. Read her advice to young music journalists, and enter to win a copy of her new book.

#523-Zebstrika, The Thunderbolt Pokemon

Zebstrika, though can be found in the wild by themselves due to their intense strength and agility, are generally found leading packs of Blitzle and occasionally other Zebstrika. At full speed they can run at the speed of lightning itself, and creates thunderclaps every time its hooves hit the ground at this speed. This Pokemon is quite irritable and defensive and if it is disturbed it can fire full powered lightning bolts out of its mane.


#609-Chandelure, The Luring Pokemon ***By Request for anon***

Chandelure is a Pokemon that like Litwick will lure people away from places and absorb their spirit energy, and eventually stealing their entire spirit, like Lampent. Chandelure is found with Lampent and Litwick often, and will help its predecessors, and sometimes work in small groups. Chandelure has an insatiable hunger for spirit energy and its Flames will continue growing for its entire life, as it grows stronger.