Dinner at Hola Arepa x Cayman Jack

On Monday evening, I was invited by Cayman Jack to attend a tasting dinner crafted by Hola Arepa’s Christina Nguyen.

If you’ve never heard of this product before, it’s a malt beverage (“malternative”) made from blue agave nectar that actually tastes like a decent margarita — it’s sweet, but not overwhelming, with the perfect hit of citrus. As expected, the agave and lime flavors of the drink complimented the courses. Some of the dishes:

Plantain sope with pickled xoconostle, citrus crema, radish, and sunflower sprouts.

Molote stuffed with beef picadillo, and finished with crema, tamarind and chimichurri sauce.

Bibb lettuce salad with pepita green goddess dressing (note to self: I need to make this), apple, watermelon radish, sunflower sprouts, manchego and pepitas.

Cachapa with shrimp, huitlachoche, goat cheese, asparagus, and radish.

Cochinita pibil sope with achiote and orange roasted pork, citrus crema, radish, cabbage, and fresh oregano. The roasted habanero salsa that came with it was no joke. So. Spicy.

Butter semifreddo with roasted pineapple, grapefruit caramel and rice Chex cereal.

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Oh my starsss! I’m finally doing my first art show this year. It’s going to be the Pancakes and Booze Art Show on May 8th at Barfly in Minneapolis, MN. 21+ $5 cover - but free pancakes and live music!!! I’m so excited. I hope some of you neat followers can make it out to say hi and see some of my work!! xoxoxo message me if you have any questions!