SO PROUD to present the Minna Palmqvist Manifesto!

It is written in a lovely collaboration between me an writer Lisa Carlsson 

with inspiration and sampling from the following master women: 

Björk / Britney Spears / Beyonce / Jennie Abrahamson / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie / Edith Södergran / Rihanna / Planningtorock / Shakira / PFT Magazine / Destiny’s Child

A M A Z I N G art direction by Sara Kaaman and Hanna Wieslander

Hope you love it XXX

Watch on www.minnapalmqvist.com

Minna Palmqvist SS14 Show

I have big dreams. About fashion presentations and -objects making people’s heads spin. That make them feel euforic, angry, confused etc. etc. - that brings some kind of thought.
But. It costs money.
Do you want to be part of making my dreams come through? Make a change in this g*ddamn business once and for all? Go to my FundedByMe Campaign and help me raise money for my Stockholm Fashion week presentation. 
The graitude for each cent and pennies knows no limits 
The fight will go on. (Please help me spread the campaign)