The things I do for my dad...
So Lone Ranger wasn’t the most horrible thing devised but much like Avengers and Man of Steel, just skip the first hour and as MUCH as hate hate the character/whitewashing, Depp is a fantastic character actor. The movie was funny in parts and Arnie Hammer felt like a young Brendan Frasier, he was great, in fact the entire movie felt like the first Mummy. The problem is unlike Cookiebatch’s stellar performance in STiD where he was a natural scene stealer, The Lone Ranger practically gave all the time and scenes to Depp…per usual, he was the selling point for the movie. And it obvious.

Another thing people enjoyed the movie, however the older people were taken aback by the changes, there was nods to the Lone Ranger in the movie but for people like my dad and stepmom…it really wasn’t THEIR Lone Ranger, they enjoyed it but…it was practically ‘Cowboys of the Caribbean West….’

I did enjoy the self awareness in the movie, alot of dissing on white peoples ignorance/arrogance towards cultures etc…but it felt like a punch and a wink when the star was in 'Redface’ and all the minorities were props/background scenery. It’s sad that we still have a long way to go.
A Generous C+. I enjoyed the second hour alot, saved the movie for me.
Miniview - Film Fest Pulled Pork


I am passionate about free food. Who doesn’t love free food? If you don’t like free food, you’re crazy. I was lucky enough to partake in some free food at the Atlantic Film Festival. My review today (which I writing at the behest of Chris) will focus on some pulled pork sandwiches I had at the closing gala party.

The pulled pork sandwiches were tasty, though the bread was harder than I would have liked. I suspect this is a result of the sandwiches having been sat in the warming tray for a while before I came upon them. That said, the sandwiches were delicious and free. Who’s going to complain about free food?

However, if we compare the 2012 pulled pork sandwiches to the pulled pork sandwiches I had at the 2011 opening gala party, we see a huge drop in quality. The sandwiches at the 2011 opening gala party were made fresh, right there in front of you and everything about them was perfect. I normally don’t enjoy onions, but the onions in the 2011 pulled pork sandwiches were so crispy and delicious. My full account of the opening night gala party and the delicious sandwiches the evening contained is HERE.

Final verdict: Free pulled pork sandwiches are the best and delicious.

Quick Notes on Gotham Ep 5
  • I dug Bullock and his pickle obsession.
  • Fish is a weird, weirdo weirdy crazy lady.
  • We need more Barbara and more Montoya.
  • I quite adore the dynamic between Bruce and Alfred.

You guys!!! 18-month-old Rylee could be one of our cutest little viewers! We can’t get enough ☺️ #kidspointofview #theview #toocute #miniview