Today at about 9:20 AM my mom woke me up saying that something was wrong and when I walked out of my room, my bunny was laying down and had trouble standing up. I knew then that it was happening. I sat with her watching her grow weaker and weaker, she was really trying to fight it off. I sat with her for about an hour until her breathing got really labored and she laid all the way down on her side. The whole time I just sat down and petted her. I tried to make her as comfy as possible, but it’s harder to know what’s right when they can’t tell you what they’re feeling. I’m really sad, but I’m also happy I was there with her. I’ve been crying it all out. This type of thing is always hard. I know it’s thanksgiving so I’m thankful for having such a cute little bunny in my life for 5 years. So rest in peace my fluffy bunny. I love you so much and hope you have all the hay and carrots you desire. It’s hard to look at your empty cage and think that you’re just gone now. And thank you @f_magallon for being there with me. Love, love, love you, Choco.