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Ah, sounds like an interesting book.
So, Sam, how are things going with your Dad? Still butting heads?

Who said I have issues with my Dad? *frowns in confusion*

Sure, he’s never home and when he comes home it’s only for a little while and then he’s off again, but we get along just great.

He’s out saving the world, ya know, and leaving Dean to take care of me. *grimaces, because although he’s defending his father, he’s not very happy with the way things are*

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What pairings?

Whatever pairings I happen to come across. Basically, this blog is for any and all fanfiction I end up reading that I like, and I’ll post it here as a rec but mostly ‘cause I wanna have an archive of all the fics I like and I keep losing my ones on my computer. So uh, whatever pairings I end up finding.

It’s really just for my own benefit, mind you, although if you want me to read a fic you can send it to me (I’ll turn on submit for that) and if I like it I might put it on this blog, but I’m kinda wary about that because I’m afraid people would get upset if they sent me fics and I read them and I didn’t like them or didn’t like them enough to put on here. Y’know?

anonymous said:

Michaela, how do I love thee, let me count the ways

I have no control over this and no one better laugh because I’m dumb and I can’t believe I’m doing this and omg I need to stop and this is all your fault andandandasdfghjkhljh!! To: minionsandmoosekateers

How should I list the ways you’ve changed my life? Maybe the way you’ve absolutely wrecked me.

I can’t imagine a more kind and beautiful person.

The moment you found me I found myself falling madly in love with my whole being. I felt a lightness in my very soul that had been only a distant rumbling in my life. You shed away the layers of my outer being and grabbed my heart from the darkest depths of the shell I was. You changed me!

Never in my life have I felt so blessed to know a human being so radiant. You are more to me than most anyone has ever been. So wonderful and kinder than anyone I have ever met. I can barely believe that you exist. I have no idea why I deserve your love, but I’ll be damned before I say that it hasn’t made my life worth living for.

Have you ever wondered why there is such a fierceness in my need to express my love for you? Why my whole being seems to shake when I can just tell that you are about to make me unable to breathe and I’m forced to spend hours trying to collect myself?

You have made me. You have molded someone completely new from parts of myself that I’ve hidden away for so long. You inspire me to write these messages where I can barely capture your grace. I can barely keep myself from releasing this love I have for you every single moment you are in my reach.

If I could find the words I would leave love notes for you to read, but still even getting this inch of my love out is taking almost all of my concentration.

I love many people on tumblr, but with each of you it is a different love. For you I can’t tell you how you’ve molded me outside in real life. I carry around your post on spnpeoplelove in my pocket at times so I can just get through the day. You who deserve so much more love than I can ever give. My love for you is like drowning and instead of pain there is just the insistent need to show my love for you. I love you like I have loved no other.

It’s so bad at this moment. I can’t help, but want to quote every romantic movie I’ve ever seen. It’s like you just popped out of nowhere and decided to monopolize a piece of my heart. I doubt I can ever recover from the turbulent emotions you have turned inside me.

No one has ever made me as happy as you have. Never have I so openly expressed my love as I do now and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t embarrassed writing this. I can’t believe that I’m even doing this, but I’m not ashamed. I love you and you will know it even if it means I have to shout it to every damn person in the world. You are amazing.

That is the honest truth.

Thank you Brittany and damn you.