I realised that the reason I don’t wear foundation is that I have so thoroughly internalised feminist critiques of the demand to wear only “natural” “classy” makeup that I feel guilty about wearing makeup that’s designed to “minimise” a “flaw” rather than draw attention to itself. New power relations from old and all that

What is Emotional Abuse?

Characteristics of an emotionally abusive relationship include:

• Using money as a means of control
• Threatening to walk out or abandon you
• Creating fear through looks, words, threats and actions
• Destroying things (and often things you value) – either in a cold and heatless way, or in an angry outburst or fit of rage
• Using blaming, shaming, minimizing and denial to control you
• Verbally attacking and demeaning you (includes name calling, shouting at you, criticising and putting you down – especially in public)
• Attacking and putting you down in private, and acting loving and charming in public
• Minimising the abuse; acting as if you’re over-reacting and it’s “no big deal”
• Deliberately withholding approval, affirmation, affection and as a means of punishment or control

The effects of living with emotional abuse include:

• A fear of being natural and spontaneous
• A loss of enthusiasm or their old joie de vive
• Insecurity related to how they coming across to others
• An inner belief that they are deeply flawed
• A loss of self-confidence and self esteem
• Growing self-doubt (so they’re afraid to make even the smallest decision, or to take on even the simplest of tasks)
• Never trusting their own judgments (as they believe that they misunderstand or misread everything)
• Having a constant critic in their head
• Feeling they should be happier and more upbeat than they are (in order to meet the approval of others)
• Feeling they’re too sensitive, and ought to “toughen up”
• Fearing they’re going crazy, or losing their mind
• A tendency to live in the future (“Everything will be OK when/after ….”)
• A desire to break free, escape or run away
• A distrust and fear of entering into any close relationships again.

Center for Sustainable Technologies in Ningbo, China

The new building will provide laboratory, office and seminar accommodation and has been designed to serve as an exemplary building, demonstrating state-of-the-art techniques for environmentally responsible, sustainable construction and energy efficient internal environmental control. It has been designed to minimise its environmental impact by promoting energy efficiency, generating its own energy from renewable sources, and using locally available materials with low embodied energy wherever possible. The residual heating, cooling and ventilation load is estimated to be so low that demands for both these and electrical power required for computing and lighting will be met from renewable energy sources, including a ground source heat pump, solar absorption cooling and photovoltaic panels.


countdown to season 3: favourite character moments

"I have claimed many daughters this day, so they cannot be mounted."

The media baron Rupert Murdoch is different. His News Corporation, which owns Fox News, MySpace, the Sun Newspaper and any number of other media outlets, is a master of offshore gymnastics, using all legal means available.

Neil Chenoweth, a reporter who probed its accounts and found that its profits, declared in Australian dollars, were A$364,364,000 in 1987, A$464,464,000 in 1988, A$496,496,000 in 1989 and A$282,282,000 in 1990. The obvious pattern cannot be a coincidence.

As the reporter John Lanchester wrote in the London Review of Books, 'That little grace note in the sums is accountant-speak for “Fuck you.”'

Nicholas Shaxson, Treasure Islands: Tax Havens and the Men who stole the world (2011)

An awesome read. Highly recommend this book.

Stream - @ciaranaustin

This soothed the grumpy little me. The melody is just beautiful. I totally blocked out the lyrics though. The instrumental solo at 1:57-2:18 did me goooood.

Ciaran Austin is an 18 yr old Artist / Instrumentalist from Exeter. He’s got a couple of good tunes on his Soundcloud/ciaranaustinHis ambient tracks are just what you need to cap off the cold night. Here are a few that stood out: Zoom, Minimise, 2Ways [Ooooh this one I adore! Synth claps make me giddy everytime.] and Searching. I stopped myself from reposting every thing off his profile. Hah! 

He released two EPs entitled Study Of Others [This one you can download for free. I suggest you do!]and Delays.

He is open to collaborations, so if anyone is interested you can contact him here: ciaranaustin95@gmail.com.


I have looked at some examples of sustainable textile that aim the same strategies with TED’s TEN.

Today I’m going to show an instance in architecture industry.

This building will be the world’s tallest building - a two-kilometre high skyscraper with 636 floorswhich is located in China.Traditional building methods waste both time and materials, but Zhang Yue using pre-fabricated components slotted together like a Meccano toy with a different load-bearing structure, which uses less concrete and steel and can be produced in the safe confines of the factory, ensuring consistent quality.

This designer using a simple toy technique as a concept to diminish the architecture materials and waste which i think it is a good start to protect the environment.As a designer I think we can think more ,and create better. The next post I’m going to demonstrate other sustainable architecture.

New Post has been published on The Rakyat Post

New Post has been published on http://www.therakyatpost.com/lifestyle/2014/05/31/dealing-distractions-work/

Dealing with distractions at work

If you are like many office workers, you will know that distraction from doing work comes in many forms, be it websites such as YouTube and Facebook or your own colleagues.

With that in mind, Whitson Gordon of Lifehacker has compiled a list of 10 ways to minimise distractions and maximise your productivity at work.

Among Gordon’s suggestions is for you to instal an extension on your computer that will automatically block the sites that can distract you.

“If you need more drastic measures — use an extension like LeechBlock (Firefox) or StayFocusd (Google Chrome) to block the sites that distract you.”

Gordon advises people to track the time you spend on each of your tasks to maximise your time.

“Distractions come in many forms. Sometimes … it is work itself. Certain tasks are less important than others, and if you are spending more time on those tasks, then you should treat them like a distraction from the work you should be doing.”

He recommended a time tracker such as RescueTime, which he say will track how much time you spend on different platforms, such as websites, apps, or your e-mail account, to give you a sense of how much time you spend on doing actual work.

As your own colleagues can also be a distraction, Gordon also has an advice on how to politely deal with distracting colleagues.

“A good pair of headphones can go a long way in saying ‘I am working hard right now’.
But if that doesn’t help, you may have to be more direct and tell them you are busy.”

Read the rest of the list here (http://lifehacker.com/top-10-ways-to-defeat-distractions-and-get-your-work-do-1580198318) so you can better deal with distractions at work and maximise your productivity!

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Donnacha Costello: “Dry Retch” (Together is the New Alone, Mille Plateaux 2001)

Gorgeous ambient sounds from Irish sound chameleon Donnacha Costello… this album is now over ten years old (!). I first heard Costello’s music on his debut for Force Inc, Growing Up in Public, and I have to say I was underwhelmed. This follow-up on companion label Mille Plateaux more than made up for it, though — I have been a fan ever since. His Minimise label has been a healthy platform for his minimal techno workouts, with a broad series of 12”s (and some comps thereof), and he continues to delight with new music. But for now, enjoy this throwback in all its loveliness.

Script-Telling People No
  • This script is for politely and firmly telling people 'no', even if they minimise your objections.
  • Person:*says something to which your answer is no*
  • You:Actually, no. I'd rather not/I'm not interested/I don't want to/I can't do that etc
  • Person:Oh, but [reason why you should say yes]
  • You:No. I'm sorry, but I don't want to/I disagree/I'm still saying no. I'm saying no because [reason why you are saying no-though you aren't obliged to give a reason] . Please don't ask me that again.
  • Person:[minimises your objection]
  • You:I don't care if you consider my reasons silly/incorrect/trivial. I don't feel comfortable with [thing]. So the answer is no. Please stop asking me.
  • At this point, a decent person will respect your wishes and apologise. If they don't, my favourite tactic is to ignore what they say, but say 'no' every time they pause until they give up.
  • Requested by @txtopia. I hope this helps, but if it wasn't what you meant, please message us again!