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Caroline and Tyler, who barely even acknowledged each other in season 1, and only became close in season 2 as a prelude to getting romantically involved with each other were “best friends” before they became a couple? Better friends than Stefan and Caroline “ever were”? What show was this? On the one I watched, Caroline and Stefan were close for 4 seasons before they even shared a kiss. But Tyler and Caroline? Well, let’s see.

Tyler about Caroline in 2x06: “You know what I think of Caroline Forbes. She’s an insecure, neurotic, bitchy little twit”. 

Tyler and Caroline in 2x12:

6 episodes! In 6 episodes, Tyler went from thinking Caroline was a “bitch” and a “twit” to wanting to kiss her. But they were “best friends” before they got involved? Better friends than Steroline “ever were”?

And Stefan and Caroline actually, literally referred to each other as “best friends”:

Caroline and Tyler referring to the other as their “best friend”:

That isn’t to say that Forwood didn’t become friends while she helped him through his werewolf transitioning, and hey, those 6 episodes where he got to know her and fell for her were fine. But 6 episodes of “friendship” before romantic involvement vs. 4 seasons? But Tyler and Caroline were “best friends” and “better friends” than Stefan and Caroline “ever were”?

Whatever you say, guys.

Standschütze Hellriegel

The Standschütze Hellriegel was designed in 1915 in Austria-Hungary and could be classified as one of the first submachine guns. It operated similarly to a conventional belt-fed machine gun, but was chambered for 9mm Steyr and was much more portable than a machine gun. It could be fired from the hip with ease and was about the size and dimensions of a rifle. The barrel was water-cooled, which probably added a lot of weight. An interesting concept that never got beyond prototype stages, if the Hellriegel design had been further developed then there could have been many more interesting guns to come out of it.