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I'm starting a 30 day minimalism challenge tomorrow where each day i do things to minimalise my life, some of them are like stay offline for one day, journal for 20 minutes, don't buy anything for 24 hours, take a step towards a new skill. I think it will be good to try and do these things for a change to help get myself in order for the year

oooo I saw that challenge on here and it looks really interesting, best of luck


Thinking of bisexuality as exclusively being a transitory state between being gay and straight = bisexual erasure

Refusing to consider that a person could identify as bisexual = bisexual erasure

Saying bisexuality doesn’t exist, bisexual people ‘just can’t make up their minds' or are doing it for attention = bisexual erasure

Considering all of the available information and concluding that you don’t think someone is bisexual =/= bisexual erasure

Skate Boy

Minimalisation du sujet

Modèle : Sylvain G.
Photographe : Les Yeux de Lo

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Houses in Castlewood Avenue by ODOS Architects, in Dublin Ireland.

By a single twist of adding a new, almost brutalist extension, the entire building looks like a contemporary piece of art. Add the clever staircase and the awesome top window, and you get a masterpiece.


Pages d’Incertitude
Minimalisation du sujet

Modèle : Lalie Wolf
Photographe : Les Yeux de Lo

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Yep, we’ve been dormant… Not sure how long it will last or if it will end but right now and after a good 3 years of trying to channel all the fun of our lives into nicethreedots we decided a break would be… nice

I can’t say I don’t feel the urge to continue where we left it… Maybe we’ll decide on a different format, maybe will push it further. But for now, we’re enjoying life, minimalisation and a drink once in a while.


Maximise this opportunity to minimalise…. Make a list of everything you want to sell but need to keep until you leave: furniture and big electrical items such as the fridge, washing machine, stereo and dryer.

Write an email with title, description and price. Just sell everything for half what you bought it for. Remember, you want to get rid of it. Now email this to all friends and colleagues who live nearby.

- Annabel Candy