Pharmacy M by Caan Architekten, in Ghent, Belgium.

The facade you see consists of a sliding door, that during opening hours serves as a green cross, during closed hours functions as the front door with a transparent cross. This is contemporary Belgian architecture right there.

Who said pharmacies have to be boring?

Skate Boy

Minimalisation du sujet

Modèle : Sylvain G.
Photographe : Les Yeux de Lo

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Volksbank Gifhorn by Stephan Braunfels Architekten, in Gifhorn, Germany.

Sometimes a good idea does not have to be fancy or over the top. A simple twist can create a structure that is pleasing to the eye and is functional as well.

Can you imagine if every building in a city would be this interesting/cool? Tourists would not know where to go, because everything would be picture worthy.

Pages d’Incertitude
Minimalisation du sujet

Modèle : Lalie Wolf
Photographe : Les Yeux de Lo

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Yep, we’ve been dormant… Not sure how long it will last or if it will end but right now and after a good 3 years of trying to channel all the fun of our lives into nicethreedots we decided a break would be… nice

I can’t say I don’t feel the urge to continue where we left it… Maybe we’ll decide on a different format, maybe will push it further. But for now, we’re enjoying life, minimalisation and a drink once in a while.



october is around the corner :D and fall is upon us. it’s my favourite season of the year however it is really easy to cheat on your health especially when its getting cold. SOOOO Im gonna do nocheat challenge. (actually im gonna cheat once… 14.10 is my birthday and im gonna eat all the chocolate and pizza of this world. no regrets)

here are my goals

* no junk food (bye pizza my dearest friend)
* no chocolate (minimalise dark chocolate)
* lots of fruits, veggies
* 2l of water everyday and mint tea
* every tuesday, thursay, friday, saturday, Sunday
* run once a week
* learn everyday
* smile a lot
* stay positive
* be nice to people

im really excited im gonna blog everyday cus it helps me a lot

to-fu-prin-cess replied to your post: anonymous said:What’s your opinio…

have u ever seen a post minimalising male mental illness or painting them as ‘inferior’ to when ones suffered by women?? only i literally never ever ever have once

"cry me a river" - tumblr user stfueverything voicing her opinion through song when told about the huge rate of male suicides in the Western world 

Also I advise you get more involved in debating SJWs because the “not as bad as women” defence is pretty much brought up daily whenever someone even hints at something bad happening to a man 

n-ubigena said:

Hey dear :) you're blog is super fab love it ♥ . I was wondering if you could name me a few blogs that have your style or idk just your favourites, since I need new blogs to follow haha. (it's okay if not)

Hey! For this I will check your blog when my wifi will be okay. :)

So - vernitas, karlenciaga, vogxie, lovlae, vogueza, dioruniverse, blancoir, lapidenoir, theblvckswan, blanchanel, blackmeth, 382gb, voguez, fiftylehven, l-yia, ge-brochen, blanceuate, minimalise-et-simplicitie, oxi-n, deadgarden, enkelthed, imvogued, noirvogue, xnoirogue, la-numero, yard-sales…these were the first names. but there are more - xx