I wanted to post this comic after seeing so many lovely well-dressed people in NYC. The comic was originally inspired by the aesthetically-interested Tumblr community, but it seemed newly relevant when I moved here. However, I was really disappointed with the artwork when I opened the file!

So, here are some of the nicer pages, and the comic available for download here.


Any comments, messages, tweets, emails, welcome! Thank YOU, so MUCH. And please tell me if you’ll be REALLY interested in buying it! 

Now I’m gonna start writing answers to your Asks :) I’ll also draw some of them. See you soon!


Hi, folks. Here’s a five-page preview of a mini I hope to have on sale next week. (People ask me for advice on a weekly basis, anyway; might as well consolidate it all into one handy package.) Stuff I plan to include:

  • What to ask the printer
  • How to calculate your goal properly
  • How to price and sell your books
  • Good backer bonus ideas
  • Your Frenemy The Post Office
  • Self-promotion

And so on and soforth.

It’ll probably run 30 or so pages- it’s roughed out that far, anyway- And I’ll be selling it for $5.00.

I’ll drop you folks an update when it’s finished. 


Ba-zam, the mini I whipped up real fast for Heroescon! A little less polished than I usually like, but hey I was on a time crunch!

I haven’t been working traditionally very much since I started my webcomic so it was a little weird going back to pen, it was really difficult but kinda fun! I’ll definitely be doing more mini’s in my sketchbook. I think keeping things loose and unrefined let’s me power through pages without getting too bogged down by my perfectionism.

Anyway, I really dig apocalypse stuff but always get turned off by the gratuitous violence/gore. I think It’d be really fun to do a long-form zombie story where you never actually see the zombies. Or at least, they never rip someones head off… I’m way more interested in the characters dealing with the new world order than the monster fighting aspect anyway.

If someone were to want a zombie apocalypse story centred around some awesome chicks, I know a comic artist in need of a job! ha ha


This wasn’t meant to be Independence Day themed, but since it’s almost that day I thought I should post this little comic I made a few weeks ago.

If you like it and want to have a nice copy I put it on gumroad as a pay what you want. Which you can get HERE


SO, I never uploaded my final project for last semester’s SEQA100 course. GREAT class, great feedback, felt pretty great about this project at the time, aaaand. I kinda feel like this sucks now. But I DID put a lot of work into this, and in all likelihood I will be revisiting it very soon (not in this strip format, though), so it’s going up here for posterity. 

Anyway basically the girl is named Gladys and the little demon she summons is Buer, my All Time Favorite Demon Forever. A big part of the project was to self-publish your minicomic yourself, so I also have some cute paper copies left over for fun:

Good project! And despite the flaws I’m picking over now, I’m still pretty excited to work on it some more on my own time.


For the curious, I am still working on that Kickstarter how-to mini I promised to make. Pictured above are pages 19 and 20. It’s turning out to be a pretty long comic, but I want to be thorough.

I strongly believe that people should make videos for their Kickstarters; not bothering to do so is just leaving money on the table. But at the same time, a crummy video doesn’t do you any favors. I especially don’t like videos taking pains to emphasize that “This is my dream!”

Well… yeah. Of course it’s your dream. That much is obvious, you’re running a Kickstarter. Use your two minutes to tell me why I should care about your dream, not that you have one!

Anyway, I hope to finish this up next week. It’ll be on sale in the Iron Circus Comics shop as a PDF. (EDIT: Just caught the grammatical error on page 20, don’t worry.)

PS: Don’t forget to back Smut Peddler on Kickstarter!


Murder, cannibalism, and closet homosexuals! 

This 25 page mini-comic tells the tale of creepy little boy who likes to catch and eat bugs, and follows his childhood friendship turned manic-crush with another little boy.  The two friends grow up together, and insanity ensues when one of them gets a girlfriend, leaving the other alone to wallow in a pool of young, unrequited love. 

A dash of cute, a sprinkle of horror, and an unhealthy cupful of co-dependency.

I present to you: One Last Bite, my first zine. 

The book will be available for $8!
Update: I found one proof book that the printers sent me. It’s not the way I want it to be but if anyone wants it it’ll only be $3 dollars. 

Please email me if you are interested:
A digital copy can be purchased here

Please reblog even if you can’t buy one!