Hello, everyone! Here’s our new mini-comic about Benedict and Florian in a fantasy setting! It may look a little familiar since it’s an extended and edited version of an older comic. I had fun with the back cover text, so I’ll paste it in here:

Born with less common sense than the average bridge troll, Florian has always been a magnet for trouble. When a sightseeing trip goes awry and he finds himself at the wrong end of a sacrificial dagger, it may be more than he can handle! Will his vampire boyfriend be able to save him this time?

Part Two [nsfw]

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The Verdacomb Fan Art Contest has now been officially announced on the website! Deadline is December 31! You can do anything, any kind of media. Get creative! Grand prize is 2 tickets to @EmeraldCityComicon 2015! #verdacomb #comic #book #graphic #novel #design #drawing #ink #webcomic #concept #art #comics #comicbooks #indie #independent #sketches #sketch #draw #con #convention #graff #graffiti #character #mech #robot #minicomic #digital #painting #ECCC #emeraldcitycomicon by verdacomb_ http://ift.tt/1qYPCs1


I bought way too many comics at SPX, and I only sold like two of mine, but I also traded and gave away a bunch of copies. I made a rookie mistake of not trading contact info with many people, and I didn’t even include my email address on my comic, just my personal tumblr (since the comic was printed before I started this one mostly just for my own art). I think next year I’ll bring business cards.

But I had a blast, and I have a ton of stuff to read now, and peoples’ work to look up, and hopefully if anyone liked my comic they might also see this post and I can let them know about my new projects.


I have had a busy summer, comics wise. I’m excited to get back to a slower working pace, honestly. But still, I’ve got a lot of new stuff, and I thought I’d write up a post on how you can read it. 

#1 Starlight (Teen Unofficial Fan Magazine #23)

A facsimile fanzine about a teen pop star, her strange life, and her stranger fans. 

This comic is available as a part of Dog City issue #3, an anthology that I co-edit. This is printed as a mini-comic, inside the issue, with an awesome screen-printed cover. I made the cover above, and sent it to my co-editor, expecting him to tell me it was an impossible print, but somehow he pulled it off and it looks really cool. 

You can buy a copy of Dog City #3 right here. It only ships to the USA, so I’m sorry if you don’t live there (like me).

#2 Mountain, Take Me

Mountain, Take Me, tells the story of a group of teenagers, who decide to follow around their elderly neighbour, on the day she believes that the world will end. 

I’m really proud of the art on this one. I don’t usually think of my drawings as a selling point for my work, but here I really put in a lot of extra time to give the pages a distinct look. I’m especially happy with a sequence late in the story that happens as the sun sets.

This comic is being published as a part of Irene #5, which you can pre-order here. I’m excited to have my work published alongside so many talented artists!

#3 The Exquisite Corpse (Part 1 of 3)

I’m doubly excited for this comic. The Exquisite Corpse tells the story of a personal trainer in the future, who switches bodies with his clients in order to exercise in their place. And, this may surprise you, not everything goes according to plan.

The reason that this comic is so exciting for me, is that it’s the first of a three part story, that will be serialised in Maple Key Comics issues #4-6. 

Issue #4 is their October-November issue, so expect it to become available some time around then. For now, you can either buy physical copies of the first 3 issues, or you can also get PDFs for super cheap. I recommend you check out the PDFs at the very least, because there is some really stellar work in there. This is gonna be a series that people talk about, so I recommend you get in on the ground floor. 

Also also, Maple Key specialises in serialised stories, and some of those are 6 parters, so you can catch up with the first 3 parts before issue #4 is released. (I’m totally obsessed with Luke Howard’s story Talk Dirty to Me in there.)

All of these comics will eventually be available as individual minicomics, probably at TCAF in May, which is a while away, so if you’re interested, I still encourage you to buy the anthologies.

Phew. Ok. That’s my summer. Oh wait, I’m also working on a secret project. Haha. BYE.