~Miniature Door of Lust book~

So I sat down to finish up this thing and then I realised that have no idea how to mix the dyes and paints to recreate the colours used by Michelle so I took a piece of wood to experiment on that and then remembered I have that tiny Titan and Wrathia books and… stuff happened. >.> I think I know what to do now, so the next book should be the real deal I hope.

Green sheepskin, gold powder dye, tiny bamboo planks, iron nail, acrylic modelling paints, handdyed paper. The book’s size is 4 x 2.5 cm, a bit bigger than Kennedy half-dollar from 1969.


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Hi guys !

It’s been a long time ! I come with a pretty good new today with my first printed book ! (I’m so happy ! <3)
There’s just a little text in french inside it and then a lot of drawings ! (•v• )/

I also can ship it all around the world !
The price of shipping is pretty expensive so… I manage to propose some “pack” with cards :

Mini-book only : 4€ + 3€ (shipping) = 7€
Mini-book + 3 cards : 4€ + 3x2€ + 1€ (shipping) = 11€ (instead of 13€)
Minibook + 5 cards : 4€ + 5x2€ = 14€ (free shipping)

If you’re interested please send me a note on dA or on my mail :


Pour les français !
J’ai eu énormément de difficultés pour me décider de la méthode d’envoi de mes petits livrets… J’ai finalement opté pour un envoi sans suivi (avec les risques de laposte) parce que faire payer 7€ pour un livret de 4€ je trouve que c’est exagéré ! D:

J’ai pu abaisser les frais d’envoi (laposte + paypal) à 2€ ce qui reste cher pour une si petite chose, donc je vous propose quelques “pack” !

Mini-book : 4€ + 2€ (frais d’envoi) = 6€
Mini-book + 3 cartes : 4€ + 3x2€ = 10€ (frais d’envoi offert)
Minibook + 5 cartes : 4€ + 5x2€ = 14€ (frais d’envoi offert)

Si vous êtes intéressé, vous pouvez m’envoyer une note sur dA ou un mail à :

See ya ! (•o• )/


Now presenting on this #MiniatureMonday: a truly wonderful collection of miniature ‘zines, written and illustrated by three young brothers in South Philadelphia in the 1850s. The tiniest are six 4x5 centimeter volumes titled “The Fair,” illustrating the boys’ visits to the Franklin Institute’s Exhibition of American Manufactures, an annual event in Philadelphia that displayed new inventions and goods. Issues of “The Fair” span from 1850 to 1853.

The Whiteman brothers made their illustrations to mirror the objects and media they saw on display at the exhibition. The delightful bird drawing you see in the bottom photo was likely drawn with India inks sold at the Franklin, and the tiny framed dog in the top photo is actually a very small woodblock print!

The first issue is up in our Digital Library, here

From the Whiteman Family papers [0712], Box 7.