Day 327 : Apparently, this picture was taken sometime in the 60’s at Sandy Bay, a nudist beach situated along the road between Cape Town to Cape Point and adjacent to Llandudno. 🍑🍑 28 x 28 mm. (wish I could credit the photographer of the reference picture I used, anyone know who took it?) #365postcardsforants #wdc624 #miniature #watercolour #sandybay #sixties #nudistbeach #capetown #painting (at Sandy Bay)


M10 IIC Achilles. A British modification of the American M10 Tank Destroyer. It’s main upgrade was replacing the M10 75/76 mm gun with the British 17 pounder anti tank gun. It could penetrate Tiger and Panther armor from 1km away and saw action with the 62nd Anti Tank Regiment in Caen in July 1944 where they destroyed 13 German tanks. At bottom is a comparison of it and my standard M10


Today the Department of Teeny-weeny Wonders happened upon the tiniest post office we’ve ever seen. It’s so small that it fits inside the hollow of a tree located in the vast Tilden Regional Park in Orinda, CA. And it’s even more than a cute art installation. This wee postal station receives letters from hikers interested in striking up a correspondence with the tiny forest creatures who inhabit the woods and run this little office.

This exceptional tree stands at a fork in Tilden Park’s Curran Trail. It was created in December 2013 with the expectation that it wouldn’t last very long.

"The creators of the post office left little letters in the mailbox and after a couple of months simply left the whole thing to exist in secret. Much to their delight, when they returned to the spot six months later, they found that instead of deteriorating under the weather and woodland creatures, the post office had seemed to expand! Wanderers who had stumbled upon post office had added decorations, like miniature wall maps and trinkets on the desk; new notes had even been written and left in the mailbox."

Now the mysterious creators of this fairy post office regularly check the miniature mail and carry on written exchanges with the equally mysterious hikers who stop and leave letters for the chipmunks and fairies. These days the itty-bitty post office also distributes a wee newspaper, The Small Times.

Photos by Mallory Pickett

[via Atlas Obscura]


Friday, I’m in Love | The Wonderful World of Miniatures by Nunu’s House, Part 2.

I think I raved enough this morning about the wonders of Nunu’s House miniatures, so I think I’ll let these inviting pictures of a miniature cafe, kitchen, dressing room and garden speak for themselves this time around. Just FYI, each miniature piece is carefully handmade in 1:12 scale. 

All images from Nunu’s House websiteblog and Facebook, as well as from Blah Know. In case you missed it, read Part 1 and see amazing images of Nunu’s House detailed food miniatures here. More Friday, I’m in Love posts here.

Happy weekend, y’all!


Art + Science = Awesome and this is awesome art made using Quantum Physics. Today the Department of Microscopic Marvels explores a new body of work by London-based artist Jonty Hurwitz (previously featured here). Entitled Nano Sculptures, these sculptures are so phenomenally tiny that they cannot be seen by the naked eye. Measuring approximatel 80 x 20 x 100 microns (about the same size of a single human sperm), as of October 2014 they’re the smallest representations of the human form ever created.

The three pieces pictured here are “Trust”, “Cupid and Psyche: The First Kiss”, and “Intensity”. Despite their impossibly tiny size, each sculpture is exquisitely detailed. They were created using a ground-breaking form of 3D printing technology which employs two-photon absorption.

“As technology starts to evolve faster than our human perception is able to handle, the line between science and myth becomes blurred.

We live in an era where the impossible has finally come to pass. We have, in our own little way we have become demigods of creation in our physical world…. The nano works that I present to you here represent more that just a feat of science though. They represent the moment in history that we ourselves are able to create a full human form at the same scale as the sperm that creates us in order to facilitate the creation.”

In order to create these amazing sculptures, Hurwitz worked with a team of people from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Weitzmann Institute of Science over a period of several months.

Head over to Beautiful/Decay to learn more.