Na na na na na na Batman! Batman is looking over the city on a hunt for evil doers. Who’s that off in the distance on the rooftops?

I don’t do too many full commissions anymore, but when I do, they sure are fun!

For FCBD I will be at the ASPEN COMICS table at the The Comic Bug event in Culver City! I will be doing both B&W and Watercolour sketches all day at the event! Please bring all your MLP, Aspen, and other books for me to sign! See you all there! 

I am doing a pre-commission list for Motor City Comic Con! Please email me at agnesgarbowska (at) gmail (dot) com for all the info at the start of next month!

Thank you!


Day 23: I’m baaack batman! ;D

Been sick since thursday last week and today I’m feeling much better, for the first time in what feels like forever!!

Still not fully recovered I just had to kick this blog alive so I can keep see the progress and share my doodles/whateverers and paintings.

Until tomorrow! :)