This is a real book miniature, you can write in!

The book is totally handmade and the blue cover of the book is written ” My Diary” <3

The book measures 3x2 cm and it has been securely mounted on a antique brass metal chain 
and completed with a bronze key charm and purple crystal

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Dominic Wilcox'sfuture" car is driverless and made Stained-glass

Wilcox created the car, called Stained-glass Driverless Sleeper Car of the Future, as a commission for MINI Frontiers exhibition on the future of mobility, which opened today as part of the London Design Festival.

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The designer imagined a future where all cars were controlled by computers that would eliminate collisions and accidents, meaning everyday vehicles would no longer need to be designed for safety.

Photography is by Sylvain Deleu.

VIia: dezeen

DIY 12  Favorite Miniature Book Tutorials. Mini DIY books have always been very popular on my blog, so here is a roundup of them all in one place.

Miniature Book from 1 Inch Minis.

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Mni Spell Books from Ruby Murray.

Anthropologie Inspired Library Stack Necklace from Craftster.

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