My at home commission list has been closed now for almost two years because of deadlines, which I love having deadlines! My life is filled with My Little Pony and other awesome goodness. But that means you can’t get a commission from me unless you attend a convention I am at, which a lot of people can’t always do. So here is your chance to win a 6x9 single character watercolour painting from me! After talking to my art rep Bob at ComicArtHouse we decided to hold a contest across my social media platforms and have one lucky winner from each of the three platforms we are using for the contest! That also means that if you follow me on more than one platform you have more chances to win!

Here is all the information you need to know for entering on each social media platform:


1. Follow Me on Tumblr

2. Like this contest post

3. Re-Post this post and add the tag line “I want to win a cute painting from @agnesgarbowska” (Mention me in the post basically)

4. Add the hash tag “#agnescontest” In the hash tag area of the post. (At the bottom where you see the hash tag icon)

For bonus chances to win - Each time you see a contest post like it and re-blog it too!


1. Follow Me on Twitter

2. Tweet the contest image (You have to save the image first) as a twitpic and add the following tag line and hash tag to that same post “I want to win a cute painting from @agnesgarbowska. #agnescontest”

3. Retweet my contest tweet where the contest image is a twitpic.

For bonus chances to win - Each time you see me tweet about the contest retweet it and you may enter once a day by following step 2.


1. Follow Me on Instagram

2. Like the contest image

3. Re-post the contest image on your instagram (You have to save the image first)

4. Add the following description to the image “I want to win a cute painting from @agnesgarbowska. #agnescontest”

For bonus chances to win - Each time you see me post a contest post make sure to like it! You may re-post the image once a day with the description and hash tag as described in instruction #2 and #3.


- Contest runs till Sunday October 5th 11pm EST

- Winners will be picked at random!

- I will be posting the winners of each social media platform by 11am EST Monday October 6th. (Most likely have them posted shortly after the contest closes)

- Winners have to email me at by Tuesday October 7th by 5pm EST or another winner will be picked in their place. Please include character of your choice and your address for shipping

- All characters have to be PG - 13. I am an all-age artist and I will only draw things I am comfortable with drawing. I have the right to refuse an idea if I don’t feel it is something proper to draw or I am not comfortable with drawing it.

- This is my very first contest. I am learning so there may be bumps along the way. Very sorry!

Thank you so much for entering and may the odds be ever in your favour!!!