cass1opeia asked:

hmmm. his hair isn't that orange. it looks like it was before just a bit darker i guess.
they walk to fast too! if and when i upload them later on tonight you'll see what im taking about.
the lighting on my camera got it.haha

I didn’t really like it much from what I saw in pictures, but whatever his hair color never lasts long anyway :P I’ll keep an eye out for the pictures though~ ^^

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@jyulliang: awwwww omg thankss ;~; <3

@yjjelve: it’s from all about JYJ. ^^ Yes jaejoong is terribly cute kekeke



@minhessica: omg im so flattered I love your stuff too ok~ <3 ;~; LOL we’re in different time zones so sad it was around midnight for me when I posted all those 

@keepthefaith-w: >.< thanks!!! <3

cass1opeia asked:

yeah! i did
idk if i should upload the rest of the photos though
lol i don't want to be one of those fans.

Ahh you’re so lucky ^_______^ So his hair isn’t really as orange as pictures are showing or what? ><
Haha I wouldn’t worry about that, if you want to share them go ahead c:

Thank you! @jae-yah @minhessica @dbsk-ing @hellokillerkitty


@jae-yah: omg im sooo honored I love your edits <3 <3 <3 thanks~!

@minhessica: >//////////////< :D

@dbsk-ing: omg i had a shcok the other day when I was looking through my followers list and found out you followed me HAHAHAHA OTLLL but your stuff are so good!!!! ^^ thanks~!

@hellokillerkitty: awww omg <3