30 Days of Kristen Stewart

30º Day : Why do you Like Kristen ?

Why I like Kristen Stewart? This is easy, however the words are not enough, so let’s see. when I was about 7 years watched a movie called ‘Panic Room’ and marvel at the little girl who suffered all that weird terror that room a few days later I discovered that the little girl who taught me the SOS in morsecode, in the film, Kristen Stewart was called. Then I started to follow her career and love me more and more of that beautiful girl with green eyes like emeralds, close to my 10 years I could be called a fan, had seen all the movies she had done before, and knew much more about it than many out there, this love,admiration and pride have only increased over time, and every moment I know that I love her more, and I am proud to say I’m a fan of Kristen Stewart. But exactly because I’m a fan of it, I can not say with words, that little girl just enchanted me 11 years in 2001 and continues today.


Desafio – 35 dias de Crepúsculo

32º Dia: A frase que mais te marcou de toda a Saga.
   Em todos os livros tem alguma frase que mais me marca, mas quando me pedem pra citar uma eu sempre penso em duas, a do pedido de casamento e a do inicio, como já citei a do casamento vou citar  a do inicio ><

 ”Quando a vida lhe oferece um sonho muito  além de todas as suas expectativas, é irracional se lamentar quando isso  chega ao fim”