n-f09 asked:

idk-anime got me into following you and I really enjoy your blog

Emily, my love

Thank you so much for the follow! Gosh this is the second one today, you’re making me blush~ I hope I can live up to such high standards, I know Emily’s got some A+ material on her blog.

And also if there’s anything you want me to tag please don’t be afraid to let me know, I want to make sure everyone feels comfortable on their dash while following me!

Our relationship will never just be about material things, you will get all of the little unexpected things. You will get coffee in the morning, made just the way you like it, in your favourite mug. You will get notes left around the house to remind you of my unexplainable love for you. You will get your lunch made for work, packed with your favourite things, and extra, because I know you’ll get more hungry than you think. I will wake you up with kisses and I love you’s because that’s what someone so perfect deserves. I will wash you and your hair when you’re too tired and lazy to do it because I love the feeling of your hair running through my fingers. I will let you know every day that you’re safe with me and you’ll see that when anyone tries to hit on you. I will still send you letters, even when we’re living together, just to see your eyes light up when you see who it’s from. I will let you pick what we watch on TV, because I won’t be looking at it anyway, how could I when you’re in the room. You’ll get breakfast in bed every weekend because I'm proud of you for making it through another week. I’ll kiss and clean up any cuts you get because your beautiful skin deserves only the best. I’ll let you lay and play stupid video games while I lay next to you and read a book because as long as I'm in your company, nothing else matters. I’ll send you 10 page texts when you’re in another room, to remind you of my love and because why should I stop doing them just because we live together. I will make sure your clothes and pyjamas are put on the heater before you put them on so you can feel the warmth through your body that I feel when you look at me.
Please don’t ever think I’ll stop doing the little things it took to get you, because I’d be stupid to let you go