Amazing stones minerals Pt.2

1 Chrysocolla In Malachite / 2 Scolecite / 3 Titanium Quartz

4 Watermelon Tourmaline / 5 Azurite / 6 Bismuth / 7 Rhodochrosite

8 Uvarovite / 9 Realgar On Calcite / 10 Crocoite


This stone is a powerful purifier. Release and neutralize poisons at all levels, purely physical and subtle bodies as well as minds. Opens clean and activates the heart chakra and the solar plexus, release the “old baggage” frees burden of guilt and obsession. Perodit teaches that reliance on people or on the past is counterproductive. Peridot shows you how to unplug from external influences and, in pursuit of leadership, turn their higher energies.