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Once again, I have a giveaway for all you lovlies. This giveaway is smaller than the last ones I’ve had, but it’s by far the most valuable. All these stones are 100% natural gemstones. They’re part of my personal collection, and I just think it’s time for them to find a new home.. I’ve realized I’ve become far too attached to my stones as material possessions, so this is helping me to let go, while at the same time bringing joy to another person. These are all the stones included (from left to right in the first picture):

  • Polished lepidolite chunk
  • Green tourmaline crystal
  • Tumbled reverse watermelon tourmaline slice
  • Rough aquamarine crystal
  • Polished opal
  • Double terminated quartz crystal with black cloudy inclusions
  • Polished fire agate
  • Something from my shop of your choosing that is under $25

All I ask is that you respect me, my business, and these rules:

  • You can reblog this post as many times as you’d like, but please don’t spam.
  • Please follow my blog so you keep track of updates on the giveaway.
  • I run an Etsy shop that has handcrafted jewelry made from all natural gemstones that focuses on crystal healing. If you have an Etsy account, I’d appreciate it if you liked my my shop. If you don’t have an Etsy account, don’t worry about it.
  • Please do not use side blogs or giveaway blogs. I must be able to see that you are following me when the winner is chosen.
  • The winner will be chosen via a random number generator. 
  • This is international
  • Entries will be closed May 2nd at 11:59 pm PST, and the winner will be announced shortly after that
  • The winner will have 24 hours to respond with their full name and address- if they do not, a different winner will be selected
  • If you are underage, please make sure it is okay with your parents that you are giving out your address
  • Please do not tag this post as “giveaway” when you reblog it. That will increase the chances of the notes messing up on this post.
  • Please, be respectful of me and my rules. If you break any of these rules, you will be disqualified. 

I hope this brings some more attention to my shop, and I hope that these stones go to someone who is lovely and just as appreciative of their beauty as I have been. I really hope they go to a lovely new home. Thank you for participating! I hope you enjoy. Good luck! 


Grand Prismatic Spring

Located in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, the Grand Prismatic Spring is the largest natural hot spring found in the US. The spring has a scalding temperature of 160 °F (70 °C), a total depth of 160 feet and a diameter of 300 feet. The vivid, rainbow colors in the spring are the result of pigmented bacteria in the microbial mats that grow around the edges of the mineral-rich water.


Badab-e Surt, Iran

"Badab-e Surt is a natural site in Mazandaran Province in northern Iran. It compromises a range of stepped travertine terrace formations that have been created over thousands of years as flowing water from two mineral hot springs cooled and deposited carbonate minerals on the mountainside."

Photos by: SamaeeAli Asgharininara and hamed tizrooyan.


Dallol Volcano, Ethiopia

Africa might not be the first place you think of for volcanoes, but Dallol was once a very active volcano. By pushing magma up through the Earth’s crust, the volcano created Dallol mountain which rises about 60 meters above the salt plains that surround it. At 157 feet (48 meters) below sea level, Dallol is also the Earth’s lowest land volcano. And this region of southwest Ethiopia is hot. In fact, this remote area is subject to the highest average temperatures on Earth.

Sulfur, salt, and other minerals create the white, yellow and red colored landscape and strange formations that cover the mountain and its base. The last time Dallol showed activity was in 1926 when an eruption formed a 30 meter-wide crater. Currently, the volcanic activity at Dallol is the continuing formation of hot springs. Salts wash out of the underlying layers and rise to the surface by geothermally heated water. They rapidly crystallize as the water evaporates and form the colorful, alien-like landscape that makes Dallol so fascinating and strangely beautiful. 

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Pumpkin Spring Pool - Littlefield, Arizona

The Grand Canyon’s Pumpkin Spring almost looks like an inviting place for a soak, but in reality, contains the most poisonous water in the canyon.

The unique limestone formation has taken the shape and color of a large, round, festive pumpkin, deposits creating a fibrous “vegetable” appearance, and the gourd’s distinctive downward stripes. Water pours into the top of the pumpkin, turns a caustic, murky green, and then runs over the sides and into the river below.

While the pool may appear to be full of mineral rich, hot springs goodness, and the pumpkin-shaped bowl seems hypnotically inviting, the warm waters are a witch’s brew of lead, zinc, copper, and very high levels of arsenic. While limited exposure is not fatal, it’s clearly not suggested. Recent testing has shown that 1 liter of water from Pumpkin Springs contains 1100 milligrams of the infamous toxin. Bathing in the water is not suggested, and drinking it is strictly prohibited, as well as extremely foolish.

Explore the Pumpkin Spring Pool at a safe distance on Atlas Obscura!


Some Loot from MAC A Fantasy of Flowers Collection!

I haven’t been so excited about a MAC collection for awhile. 

Not everything here comes from the collection; there were a few items included as gratis in the gift bag at the event (including Be Nice Mineralize Gloss which is such a pretty creamy coral peach in the tube, but sinks into every line there is on the surface of your lips).

The products I got are recommended pieces from the collection for sure.

Mineralize Skin Finish in Stereo Rose: (Swatches above compare it with 3 other pink-toned MSFs.) This legendary shimmery peach highlighter once commanded 3-digits on eBay. Check it out if you get a chance! It’s a gorgeous “blush-topper”, where you just add a warm sheen on top of your cheekbones.

Mineralize Blush in Petal Power: This is a rose-gold like Nars Orgasm, but a lot more fine-grained and with a warmer, redder undertone. Absolutely beautiful. DEFINITELY check this out.

Mineralize Eyeshadow in Great Beyond: There are a lot of beautiful 4-shade Mineralize shadows. But because I have similar shades to all the other warmer and more neutral tones, and this grey-purple toned shadow had shades I don’t own. The rest are beautiful, so decide based on what you need most in your collection. 

Snapdragon Lustre Lipstick: This shade is quite hyped at the moment, and why wouldn’t it be? It looks like the most gorgeous lavender pink in the tube. On the lips however, I would say it’s kinda “iffy” and not that flattering except for a few skintones (mostly very pale, cool/pink-based skins)

Dreaming Dahlia Lustre Lipstick: Ahhhh, now this creamy coral semi-sheer baby is the highlight out of all the lipsticks for me. There was another beautiful purple but I have lots of purples I already like more, so this was it. There’s a subtle shimmer but that’s not very obvious.

Star Quality Cremesheen Gloss: Beautiful beautiful salmon coral gloss. It does provide enough color to be worn on its own without liner or lipstick as a base, which isn’t always true of many of the MAC Lipglasses and Cremesheen glasses.

Lily-white Pigment: Bright ivory-gold. There are some gorgeous shades in the collection including a duochrome blue-pink, a violet (re-promote), a lime-green and this, the ivory gold. It’s not the same as Vanilla pigment. It’s not a translucent white with a gold shift. It’s exactly as it appears, and it’s much brighter and more dramatic than Vanilla on the skin. 


FLUORITE/ FLUORSPAR - get stoned series part 1 #10

The last of part 1 of the get stoned series!!! i’ll be starting up part 2 of the series sometime in the near future! woo hoo!

  • Professional Nail Lacquer 10 - perfectly clear
  • Wet n Wild - buffy the violet slayer + on a trip + gray’s anatomy
  • Essie - turquoise & caicos
  • China Glaze - white on white +  reggae to riches
  • Sally Hansen - mint sorbet
  • Milani - fresh teal
  • Love & Beauty - teal blue