Remember that touching scene early in Game of Thrones where they find the direwolf puppies, and there’s 6 of them, one for each of the Stark kids, and Ned decides it’s a sign from the gods and takes the whole lot of them home?

Imagine that scene with Tywin Lannister. 

The woods. Tywin is leading a young Jaime on horseback and even younger Tyrion in his special saddle on a tiny pony. They come upon a dead lioness (ooooh dark Joanna symbolism) and three orphaned cubs. One of them clearly a lot smaller than the other two. Two boys, one girl. The air is crisp and the wind rustles the leaves. You can almost hear the gods screaming “what the fuck do you want, an actual handwritten sign???” 

"Father, look," Jaime says, green eyes twinkling. "Three lions. Just like Cersei, Tyrion and I. We should -"


"But clearly it’s a sign from - "

"Fuck no."

The End. 

Okay let’s break it down :

- Jaime teases his friend/cousin (?) about his freckly (potential) lover.

- He is also aroused by : - Pia, who has a , err, problematic dentition

                                        - Hildy , who is quite hairy, dirty and not particularly pretty, and awkwardly tries to cover herself when naked (which he finds the most attractive).




i would sell my soul for a long, well-written matriarchal asoiaf au

Fanmixes: Westeros

”a mix for A Song of Ice And Fire books and Game Of Thrones HBO tv show”

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After writing several sexy scenes, do you ever discover you apparently have a "thing" you didn't know you had?

Apparently, I like including flowers in my sex scenes.  I have three sex scenes now that include flowers.  I didn’t know I had a thing about that, but it appears I do.

First, it’s Brienne and Cat, simple yet romantic, Brienne spreads flower petals on the bed before they make love.  Cute, right?

Then, it’s teen Cat and Cersei, and Cat makes use of honeysuckles in a fairly sexy and creative way, first using the blossoms, then the nectar.   Yum.

Then it’s Arya/Dany, those two beautiful damaged souls and their pain-sex.  Involving roses.  With the thorns still on them.

Anyone else have anything like that?  A thing you didn’t know was a thing for you until it popped up multiple times in your fic?

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anonymous said:

Jaime is not in love with Brienne, and she may be in love with him but Brienne pretty much falls for any man who appreciates her (e.g. Renly) Brienne will move on from Jaime fairly fast, but it would take Jaime a /very/ long time to move on from Cersei if he ever wanted too. (Who am I kidding? Of course he wants too, he just can't.) She's his sister and his lover so they have twice the connection and he's loved her his entire life. Jaime and Brienne have a platonic bond, nothing more.

Well, that’s certainly a way you could read the text. That said, I think you’re doing a discredit to the both of them with your characterization. I think Brienne appreciated Jaime’s better qualities (a real desire to do good, and respect for common humanity) before she fell in love with him. She’s obviously not in love with Hyle or Pod currently (Also, she’s 18-20 when we see her during the books, and definitely still learning about how this whole love thing works). And I would strongly disagree with the Jaime thing, because I thing he (like everybody ever) is super conflicted. There’s a part of him that doesn’t want to move away from Cersei, because she’s so much a part of his identity that doing so would require a tremendous amount of effort. But there’s also a part of him that realizes that Brienne appreciates him in a way Cersei never has, and that Brienne herself has far more qualities that Jaime admires than Cersei.

I think in a sense the crux of Jaime’s identity arc can be symbolized with how he relates to Cersei and Brienne (although their own character arcs are just as important as Jaime’s within the larger narrative). Jaime is on an identity arc. And it’s a choice between subjugating himself to his sister’s desires, as he has for his entire life, or making his own path in the world as a truly just knight— the kind of person Brienne is, but not something she demands from him.