So the rumor is Telltales Game of Thrones game might follow STANNIS FUCKING BARATHEON FROM THE WALL TO WINTERFELL GOD IS REAL Edit:*whispers* okay so now it looks like it’ll be about the people that help Stannis to Winterfell? I don’t think we’ll play as Stannis but he’ll have to be in it at some point right? This is getting notes and I don’t want anyone to get too excited I jumped the gun a bit

Here's a question I want to throw out to you guys:

I’m a bit curious. Who would want books written for a pre - ASOIAF era? Like when Ned and Robert were young, when Aerys Targaryen was king, or even farther back when dragons were not uncommon. I’ve always wanted J. K. Rowling to write books on the Marauder era but never have I had such a craving to read more on what actually happened before Game of Thrones. They always hint at stories and what not, some of them still not very clear, and I’m wondering if you guys feel the same?


I wasn’t there when the wildfire killed our men by the thousands. I could have saved those men. You would have taken the city, Stannis would now sit upon his rightful throne and you would stand beside him, but I wasn’t there because you convinced your king to leave me behind. Do you hear them screaming? All those burning men in the water crying for their mothers, for their gods, for help until the moment the Blackwater swallowed them. Don’t despair Ser Davos, what I told your son is true; death by fire is the purest death.

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Book Spoilers. Consider yourself warned. So what do you think on ned stark's bastard "death". Marthin has done like a ton of death fakeouts and the end of a chapter. What do you think?Is he dead and mellisandra will revive him? Is he gone for good? Is he just wounded?

You know, I’m not really sure?

But I have a feeling the following gif provides a clue.  If only we stare at it long enough.


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hi! just wondering, what do you think is going to happen with Arianne Martell in asoiaf?

Well, due to the TWOW chapter previews, we know some things are going to happen: Arianne will go to the Stormlands to meet “Aegon” and the Golden Company, to assess them and see if Dorne should give its support to them. I think she will follow through on that — her TWOW chapters describe her as being skeptical, but once she meets him I think she will fall for his charisma and decisiveness.

After that, I’m not sure what will happen. Arianne’s conflicted feelings about Quentyn and Dany may make her consider uniting with Aegon on a more… personal level. (She certainly has a better chance with him than with JonCon.) However, the stuff in Arianne II about Elia Sand has me more than a little worried, especially the possible ominous foreshadowing. It could be that Arianne may attempt to get close to Aegon, but Elia will mess up those plans somehow. But either way I see her playing a role in the new conquest, and she may even become a queen, standing beside the mummer’s dragon as he is feted by the cheering crowd. (And note if this does happen I can see Cersei freaking out about Arianne, very very much.)

However, because I am certain Aegon is incredibly doomed, I am terribly worried he will take Arianne (and/or Elia) down with him. Possibly it’s JonCon’s greyscale that will get her, possibly it will be dragonfire. Though maybe she might survive — she’s not on my “definitely going to die” list, but I don’t have a lot of hope right now. Let’s see if she makes it through TWOW, and then I can reassess Arianne’s chances for endgame.



Based on Margaery Tyrell’s Season 3 Garden dress, this dress is actually 2 pieces. The bodice top is a made with steel boning and teal and gold tapestry fabric that is very sturdy. It closes with 2 snaps and 3 hooks-n-eyes. The sleeves on the bodice are a soft flannel. The skirt is a full, 8-gored skirt that wraps around and ties. Included is Margaery’s gold flower “belt”, made of craft foam surrounding pipe-cleaner and coated in a strong gold spray paint. It is very sturdy and not as likely as other materials to get damaged.

Model’s bust is 34DDD, but it could fit up or down a few sizes. 
Waist fits approximately 30”, though the skirt is made of a stretchy material and could fit larger or smaller.

Price ($200) is open to negotiation.