I think this is going to be my last edit I manage to make for a while, and so I really wanted to make something for Ray since I didn’t have the time when he left. His first few streams have been amazing and he looks like he’s really enjoying it. I hope to watch more of them soon and wish Ray the best of luck with his future work.

Okay, so I just noticed something in the recent Minecraft.

They’re all talking about their houses, and Ryan brings up his. Ryan insists that now that Ray’s gone, his house will be the shittiest, but Geoff argues that it’s not because of what’s inside of it.

Ryan says no, because you can’t see his giant underground fortress from above.

Re-read that.





(( “Y’know, I’ve been thinkin’…”

Okay, I have this idea that maybe a group of minecraft ask bloggers can go through an event that effects the whole group.

Now, I know it’s risky. It can be hard to keep up (because of different matters on all of these different people), it will also need a heckuva lot of planning to properly execute, but I’m confident that with some cooperation and effort, we can get an actual, multi-blog event going. 

Again, this is just a very vague idea that I’ve been thinking about for a while and there is uncertainty to whether or not this would turn out as planned.

But if anyone is interested in taking part, should this idea get anywhere, then please reblog, reply, or like and send a message saying that you are interested and want to try it out.

If there’s anyone out there who opposes the idea, feel free to send in your response on that as well.

Thanks for readin’!))

hello people

I’ve recently made a tumblr and I am still looking for people who re blog things like:

•tokyo ghoul

• dmmd

• dogs bullets and carnage


•cirque du freak



•cry and dodger


•Nora and the chronicals of devildoom


Please reblog if you post any of these