We’re a server that focuses around introducing a new aspect to minecraft!


Some of you will be part of fandoms and some of you might want to see what they’re like.
Being in a fandom is like being in a big family, you all love the same things, and sometimes you fall out over that thing, but we all love each other and help each other when our “Feels” get to extreme

What is a fandom server?

A Fandom server is a Brand new original Idea, it is a place you can go to build a monument to your OTP (Only true pairing) or where you can play with others who like your shows or comics or books! its a place where you can Role play and not get judged, its in short, one big family.

Whats so good about this server?

Well nothing makes us special, apart from the fact that this is a safe haven for people in ANY Fandoms. we also offer protection from griefers by having Worldgaurd and Block logs, also we have Lockette and our admins are dedicated to making sure you have a fantastic time on our server. 

The down side:

Like most servers we do ask for donations, We dont pressure into it though! If you want to donate its ENTIRELY up to you <3 no pressure at all and we love you equally as everyone else. But for now our server is in something our team call Stage 2: This basically means that we are Hosted but not to the specs we would like.

What do you have so far?

Good question!

So far we have

  • The Air Temple -(Avatar:TLA)
  • The Nothern Water Tribe -(Avatar:TLA)
  • The Fire Nation Capital -(Avatar:TLA)
  • Baker Street -(BBC’s Sherlock)
  • The TARDIS -(Doctor Who)
  • A Hunger Games Inspired Arena (Not actually THG)
  • A pixel art world -(All Fandoms)
  • A Homestuck god tier room
  • A fandom mansion including many fandoms like OFF, Ace Attorney, To the Moon, and many more!

We hope to have more in time!

When are you online?:

24/7! Play anytime!

General Information:

  • 1.5GB Ram
  • 30 Slots at the moment
  • Hosted by the lovely people at Serverminer!

Whats the IP!:

Our ip is :