People change. It’s an interesting fact, you’re gasping for air but see its not your lungs that are crying out for oxygen, it’s your brain. That’s what’s dying. That brilliant brain of yours. Yeah, you’re getting weaker aren’t you, hm? A little dizzy? I sound very far away, don’t I? That big brain of yours isn’t much help now, hm? Is it?


Boreanaz:I had a horrific commercial audition when I first came out to Hollywood. It was for Doublemint gum. You have to watch this video for like 10 minutes, and they show you how to put the piece of gum in your mouth and then you have to pair up with people. Well, at the time I went in for the audition, I just got over this horrible breakup with this girl. I was in love, I got totally destroyed, and I go in and, lo and behold, who walks in the door for the Doublemint audition?

Goodwin:No …

Boreanaz:My ex, and she’s like, “Hey!” I’m dying inside, you know, and she’s like, “We’ve got to pair up. Would you like to pair up with me?” And they have to be two people who put the gum in their mouth and kiss afterward. I’m like, “Yeah, sure, OK.” So now we go into the room and not only can I not get the piece of gum out of the wrapper – I’m shaking – but then I had to kiss her and I hit her cheek with the gum. It was a complete disaster, and she was like, “Oh my God, really? I always book these spots.” And I’m just standing there with a broken piece of Doublemint gum.

Goodwin:Sounds like a bitch, no offense.

THR: And did you book the commercial?

Boreanaz:No. I couldn’t put the gum in my mouth! [Laughs.]