Myers Briggs In 3 Words

INFJ: Anxious, empathetic, paradoxical
ESTP: Spontaneous, charming, logical
INTJ: Anxious, calculated, intrinsic
ESFP: Spontaneous, colorful, friendly
INFP: Intrinsic, intense, quirky
ESTJ: Efficient, determined, traditional
INTP: Ingenious, knowledgable, quirky
ESFJ: Empathetic, dedicated, traditional
ISFJ: Traditional, empathetic, grounded
ENTP: Ingenious, innovative, charming
ISTJ: Traditional, logical, reserved
ENFP: Quirky, gentle, friendly
ISFP: Intrinsic, tasteful, grounded
ENTJ: Efficient, calculated, driven
ISTP: Independent, physical, logical
ENFJ: Empathetic, passionate, driven

Acknowledgments go to my super official colleague deadlyliv

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