Saturday morning notes
  • Started winter break by staying up way too late to finish a book. No regrets.
  • Okay, a few regrets.
  • My winter break reading list includes Death Comes to Pemberley (RIP PD James, quite possibly the greatest artist when it comes to the English language) and a bunch of YA by my favorite author when I was twelve.
  • Started the morning with peppermint hot chocolate and coffee mixed together. No regrets for real this time.
  • Kind of just want to pack up the car and head home, but I think I’ll regret not cleaning/doing errands/napping.
  • When did I turn into my mother and need to have the place spotless before I left for a trip?
  • I hope I actually make it to the yoga studio as often as I have it planned. I tend to take unexpected naps at my parents’ house.
  • I ran out of food 24 hours too early. That was badly planned.
  • I guess that means I can get pizza today.
  • It’s only been six weeks since I’ve been home (hardly a record), but missing Thanksgiving made the time worse, so I’m very excited to get home. My dad has been texting me a countdown.
  • I think I’m actually going to be in the same room as both brothers at the same time for the first time in four years.
  • I’ll get to meet a new niece (well, new to me—she’s been around for over a year).
  • I am listening to the weirdest Christmas mix a friend made me last year. I’m pretty sure I just listened to a song from Phineas & Ferb.