I drank all my vodka,

I took all my pills

I slashed both my wrists 

Watched the blood as it spilled

Without you I forgot how to feel  

You took me down with one kiss 

Putting the gun to my head 

You used me  

And now I wish I were dead. 

I’m on the bathroom floor

The room is a blur 

I was looking at you 

But you were looking at her 

And now nobody can save me 

Only those brown eyes 

Too bad I know I never cross your mind

once you’ve been used, that feeling stays with you. the feeling of being worthless, but useable. like the only way you feel like you can actually do something is when someone is treating you the same way the person who used you did. and God, there is this horrible emotion blocking wall you put up that makes it impossible to feel anything.
—  Used and emotionless
Fuck waiting around and fuck being let down. Learn to realise who in your life is worth effort and who is not. Don’t allow yourself to be taken from time and time again. Know your worth and know your capabilities. Don’t allow the mis-interest from one person to damage your confidence and lower your energy. Don’t allow yourself to be picked up and put down when it’s suitable. Know your worth and act upon it.
—  @bringmepineapples
Stupid Girl

Stupid girl, he doesn’t love you
He hardly knows your name
He doesn’t see the sparkle in your eyes
Or how the sun has kissed your face

He doesn’t care that you’ve been damaged
Or that he’s hurting you
As long as you give him what he’s after
You’ll continue to be used.

Your love means nothing to him
Your feelings won’t be spared
Don’t let his charm confuse you
He never once has cared.

I know it hurts but let him go
Before more damage can be done
Hold your head high & swallow your pride,
Take your heart and run.


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