Anne Boleyn’s miniature book of psalms, with a portrait of Henry VIII, via Bibliophilia on Twitter.

My first thought was, good heavens! The craftsmanship!

According to the caption on The Telegraph, she passed it on to one of her maids of honour before she was beheaded. The book is now in the possession of the British Library (here is their record).

Henry VIII is beyond Behind the Henriad’s focus, but this will be an exception with the narrow pass that Shakespeare did write a play about him (but, interestingly, not about his father Henry VII).

Henry VIII's Sixth Wife Was Named For His First

Katherine Parr was the eldest daughter of Sir Thomas Parr and his wife Maud Green, who lived at the English royal court in the early years of King Henry VIII’s reign. Maud was lady-in-waiting to the queen, Katherine of Aragon, and named her first child after her. Katherine Parr married King Henry VIII thirty-one years later.


Fucking amazing womenCatherine Parr

  • She was married 2 times before Henry VIII snatched her up, making her the most married English Queen. Her first marriage was at 17. 
  • She was appointed Regent from July to September 1544 which basically meant she ruled England while Henry was away in France 
  • While she was Regent, she signed five proclamations, oversaw finances and kept in constant contact with her northern marshes lieutenant over the unstable situation in Scotland
  • She was a reformer, and had a great influence on how her step-daughter, the then Lady Elizabeth, was educated
  • She had a huge part in reconciling Mary & Elizabeth with Henry
  • Henry tried to have her arrested (wow what a shocker) based on her religious views and she managed to convince him that she was only stating these views to distract him from the pain in his leg (grade a manipulation there) 
  • She outlived Henry (she basically won right there), went on to marry the guy she really loved in secret all the while living on a 7000 pound yearly allowance granted to her by Henry before he died
  • She also invited Elizabeth and Lady Jane Grey to be educated at her house, and her house soon became known as a place where girls were educated

tl;dr Catherine Parr was an amazing woman that is so overlooked it hurts me


"I was really shy when I was younger. I wasn’t even going to take drama in school, but then I got recruited for the theatre company. I always thought I’d so something practical and acting would be the hobby. I somehow ended up in theatre school, and opportunities started to come my way. It’s not that I’m not passionate about it. I just can’t believe I make a living at it.”

This is wallpaper from Tudor England. It used to decorate the inside of a box holding legal papers, and survived because the contents of the box were deemed important and catalogued, while the unimportant box was left behind.

The wallpaper was made by a process called block printing. First the pattern was carved onto blocks of wood. Then the design was printed on the paper over and over by hand. This piece of wallpaper displays the Royal Arms and badges, the emblem of St George, Tudor Roses and grotesques (ugly faces)

Time is of all losses the most irrecuperable, for it can never be redeemed for no manner, price, nor prayer.

King Henry VIII

On 28 June 1491, 523 years ago, Henry Tudor was born to King Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York, in Greenwich Palace on the bank of the Thames, just downstream from London. To celebrate the birthday of this controversial monarch, we’ve compiled an reading list of free chapters on University Press Scholarship Online.


But let not your Grace ever imagine that your poor Wife will ever be brought to acknowledge a Fault, where not so much as Thought thereof proceeded. And to speak a truth, never Prince had Wife more Loyal in all Duty, and in all true Affection, than you have found in Anne Boleyn, with which Name and Place could willingly have contented my self, as if God, and your Grace’s Pleasure had been so pleased. Neither did I at any time so far forge my self in my Exaltation, or received Queenship, but that I always looked for such an Alteration as now I find; for the ground of my preferment being on no surer Foundation than your Grace’s Fancy, the least Alteration, I knew, was fit and sufficient to draw that Fancy to some other subject.

You have chosen me, from a low Estate, to be your Queen and Companion, far beyond my Desert or Desire. If then you found me worthy of such Honour, Good your Grace, let not any light Fancy, or bad Counsel of mine Enemies, withdraw your Princely Favour from me; neither let that Stain, that unworthy Stain of a Disloyal Heart towards your good Grace, ever cast so foul a Blot on your most Dutiful Wife, and the Infant Princess your Daughter.

Very Short Fact: On this day in 1509, Henry VIII of England marries Katherine of Aragon.

Armed with a papal bull of dispensation, the teenage king married Katherine of Aragon, his brother Arthur’s widow, declaring himself to be deeply in love and sweeping aside objections that she was nearly six years older than he was.

[p. 20, The Tudors: A Very Short Introduction, by John Guy]

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Image: Portrait of a princess(Infanta Catherine of Aragon or Mary Rose Tudor?) by Michel Sittow. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.